Monday, 29 October 2018

Sometimes Life Gets in The Way...

Beautiful Ceasarea (Picture TAB)
So many things have happened in the last few weeks. Have you ever wanted to just say "Stop~I want to get off!" This is how it is for me right now. 

There has been a joyous wedding and sadly a death~within a day of each other. The cycle of life?

More worrying is the health of a good friend and fellow blogger. Over the summer she became very tired and hardly able to move. While losing weight in pounds she was actually getting larger around the middle. Finally, at the point of collapse, she went to a doctor. One look and she was in emergency. Within days she was in surgery.

The doctors were amazed. She had a tumor in her stomach that measured 30 cm and weighed 6 kg. It was the biggest they had seen. She had a team, including a surgeon, gynecologist, oncologist and urologist working on her. Due to the size of the growth it had encased many of her organs~some were removed and some damaged, but will heal over time. Total trauma for a person who has never been ill or in hospital and rarely seen a doctor!

After eleven days in hospital, she is home recovering. I will be giving her an injection every morning for the next three weeks and she has many visits to the hospital coming up. We are still waiting to hear the results of the pathology report. 

The most worrying thing is that although her medical expenses are covered in Israel, there is no assistance for her loss of work and recovery time. She will be out of work for at least three months and when she does not work she does not get paid. Needless to say the stress of how to pay the bills is heavy on her mind.

Many of you have read her blogs over the years. If you feel so inclined, I would ask that you please visit her blog:

She could use a word of encouragement and if you are able perhaps you could hit the Donate button and buy her a coffee. Every little bit helps! 

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