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Calls for Intifada at Tel-Aviv and Ben Gurion University??

View of Har Habayit & Har Zeiteim w. Jabel Mukaber in Front ©TAB
The picture to the left is taken from my balcony. It is the central part of the Arab village of Jabel Mukaber, which almost surrounds the neighbourhood in which I live. At the top of the hill to the left of the flag is the Har Habayit (Temple Mount) and the blank spot to the right is Har Zeiteim (Mount of Olives)

The Arabs have been building non-stop (24/7) in the entire area spread out to the left and right. No building approval is sought, as is required for Jewish houses~they do as they please and riot if anyone steps in. If a jew makes a small extension to his balcony or builds in a garage to use as a spare room the city will destroy it.

The arabs also make a stink when the electricity or water goes down~even though many don't pay for services and are on the same grid as we are (ie: we don't have service either). The special treatment is galling, but our government seems to think that these people will all become loyal citizens if given enough. I beg to differ!

In Israel, the Arab population is free to go wherever they choose. They are subject to the same searches as I am~as we all are for the sake of security. They ride the buses, drive the streets, shop in the stores, are treated in our hospitals and attend our schools and universities in complete safety. The pharmacies and hospitals are full of Arabs working as doctors, nurses, pharmacists and technicians as are all other trades.

The same cannot be said for Jews or Christians. Should we stray into an Arab area we may not get out alive and you will not find many (if any) non-arabs working in arab stores. There are "Arab" buses going to my aea but I cannot get on. First because the driver will not let me and second because I cannot be sure of arriving in one piece. This is how things are.

Israeli Universities provide high levels of education. Many Israelis (Jews) cannot afford this. I have friends who, after serving in the IDF worked nights for years to put themselves through school. Education is a privilege. Ask the head of BDS, Barghouti, where his Masters Degree comes from (Tel Aviv University!)

So, now we have these arab students, who are getting a higher education in an Israeli University, calling for an Intifada. They are never happy regardless of how much they are given. They riot against the very people who are providing them the opportunity to better their lives...go figure.
Beyond Stupid! They Are Calling For War Against The Country That Supports Them!!

This is The Protest at Ben Gurion University~Where Arabs and Jews Study Together??

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Kuwaiti Arab~Israel is a Legitimate State~Not an Occupier

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Navajo Code Talkers~Only 13 of These Great Heroes Left

President Trump Hosted 3 of the Surviving13 Code Talkers at the White House

The Story of These Amazing Heroes~Bless Them All!

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