Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Street Cats in Jerusalem

Only One Day Old
I have a friend who blogs in English and German. She lives in a part of Jerusalem that is very close to a large Arab population~an older but very lovely area. From the time she moved in there has been a large cat community. Cats in Jerusalem are everywhere and it is pitiful to see what a terrible life they live. Three years is pretty much maximum lifespan, while most are dead within the first year. There is no neutering program to speak of and when a citizen tries to do something the cost is formidable. The worms are so bad that some have actually had their insides eaten out. Very sad.

Many people can't bear to see starving sick animals so they do what they can privately. As I recall, my friend started out by giving a can of tuna to a scrawny, pitiful looking cat walking through the yard. The end result is several generations who now come to her for sustenance. A couple years ago, during the winter rains, she heard some thumping at the door. When she opened it a rain-soaked cat (with a newborn kitten in it's mouth) ran in and hid under the sofa. She bought a cat carrier and a cat tent and placed them outside by her door for. She has become very good at feral cat behaviour and care. It is very different from domestic house cats.

You can check out some of the stories on her Cat Blog called Saving Jerry She also has some cute videos on her Youtube Channel.

I am appalled at the extreme cost of even the most basic cat food. My friend is far from well off, yet she continues to help. She has even provided medical care at great cost. I try to help when I can but she could use some extra support. If you feel so inclined, please go to her blog and make a small gift to the Cat Family. Several people have helped and she is very conscientious in using everything for the cats. She even takes pictures to document where the funds go.

The latest video of the current family is on her regular Blog, Shearim. Do stop by and have a look...

Here Is One Family of New Born Kittens~Mom Gave Birth on My Friend's Doormat!

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