Wednesday, 5 July 2017

PETITION: Education Not Indoctrination

Canada is starting down a very slippery slope.

If the school system is allowed to continue putting "thier" ideas into the minds of our children we will have a disaster within the next decade.

At a time when children should be learning to read, write, do basic maths and geography, they are being peppered with political correctness, bias and in this instance, outright lies!

Give me four years to teach the children
and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted...Vladimir Lenin

The above quote and many that are similar in context rings true. Those who are given the authority to mold the minds of  children from very young will have sown a seed that will not be easily dislodged. If you wonder why there is so much upheaval in society today, just look back at the education system of the past decade. We have sown the seeds.

I have a hard time watching this particular announcer~But~I do agree with what she says. Please take the time to listen and learn how children are being brainwashed in the schools. Go to the website and sign the petition. It only takes a few minutes to Stop the Madness!

Please go to Don't Let Our Kids Be BrainWashed!

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