Sunday, 23 July 2017

Barbarians Murder and Riot~Silence from the World...

Last Week two young Druze police officers were ambushed and murdered by terrorists in the Old City of Jerusalem. The terrorists were caught on CCTV entering the Temple Mount compound, then exiting with their weapons and attacking the officers. A third officer was wounded.

Border Police Officer Haiel Stawi, 30, was a new father and Officer Kamil Shnaan, 22,son of former Labor MK Shakib Shanan, was about to be married. Israel's Druze community lost two of its finest sons and the entire country mourned for them. Their precious young lives were cut short by primitives, who know only hatred. 

This Week on Shabbat evening, three generations of a family were gathered around the Shabbat table celebrating the Sabbath and the birth of a baby boy. Suddenly a terrorist broke in and began stabbing at the unsuspecting party. Grandfather, Yosef Salomon, 70; his daughter Chaya Salomon 46; and son Elad Salomon 36 were brutally murdered. Elad was the father of five young children. His wife, Michal managed to close herself and the children in a room and call for help. Yosef’s wife Tova, 68, was seriously wounded, but was able to recall the horror. How can anyone explain to five young children that their daddy is gone. How can they understand their grandfather and aunt are no more? How does anybody come to grips with the brutal murder of innocent souls at the hands of a barbarian?

Sadly this terrorist was only wounded. He will now enjoy first class care in an Israeli hospital and when he goes to jail all his needs will be met. Most likely he and his family will qualify for a handsome, lifetime stipend from Mahmood Abbas, compliments of  the UN, US, and EU. Eventually he may even be freed in a trade so he can be hailed as a hero and go on to kill again.

For those who say the death penalty is too good for him, I heartily disagree. I could express thoughts about sending his body home sealed in pigskin~but that would not be "politically correct" so I won't.

What was the reason behind these barbaric murders? The officers were killed simply because they were there~doing their job. Ambushed, they had no chance. Totally senseless murders.

The terrorists who ambushed the Druze officers were quickly eliminated as they escaped back into the compound. One played dead, then tried to attack again, but fortunately he was killed. Of course, Israel closed the Temple Mount while they searched and recovered weapons. Prior to reopening they set up metal detectors at the entrances.

Immediately the mufti got his short and curlies in a knot and told everyone to refuse to go through.*Please Note* these same arabs have no problem going through the same detectors that are in place all over Israel in every building and shop. Everyone in the country has to pass through, without exception.

I should also note, these same arabs have no objection to metal detectors in the offices of Israel's Bituach Leumi~where they rush to collect their welfare cheques. 
In addition, if security cameras and metal detectors are offensive to muslims then why are there no riots in Mecca? Have you ever seen their security? It brings to mind scenes from NASA.

The truth is, they only object to the security measures that prevent them from stocking weapons in their mosque so they can be used to attack and slaughter Jews.
As to be expected, there were immediate calls for a "Day of Rage", which of course led to many days of violence. Any excuse to kill and rampage. The rioters, many who are skilled at using murderous slings (think David and Goliath) raged through the Old City. Three died during the riots. What did they expect? Should the security forces run? Should they stand and let themselves be torn to pieces?

Oh, and the moron who slaughtered the Solomon family~he claims he did it for Al Aqsa. Really? Their "holy" place where terrorists stock weapons and prayers are full of incitement to "kill the Jews"?? He was upset because weapons are not allowed in the gates~and for this he kills three innocent people?

As for the world at large~Israeli flags were burned in London, calls that Israel had crossed the red line from arab countries, and the usual blather, ad infinitum. Not a word about the arab incitement or that they should consider trying to live in peace! These murders were never about metal detectors and security. Like every other attack, this is just another excuse for primitive barbarians to slaughter Jews. It's time to put an end to the madness!

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