Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Egyptian TV Host Youssef Al-Husseini Tells It Like It Is!

Pleas Take Time To Go To MEMRI TV
I have been a follower of MEMRI TV for some years. The work they do is truly amazing. While the world's "news" and politicians are busy pulling the wool over your eyes, the good people at MEMRI monitor the TV stations from the Arab World and translate what is being broadcast.

The majority of what is posted shows the love of death and the hatred of almost everything but themselves that permeates the Muslim world. Despite this, there is this mantra that "Islam is a Religion of Peace". I don't subscribe to that at all. Islam means "submission" and so far the west seems to be running to fulfill the "muslim" call to bow down and forfeit their freedom.

The video below is an exception to the rule. After the car attack near the mosque in London he recorded this commentary. Kudos to him! I sincerely hope that he is under protection because this man is truly breaking the mold with this broadcast. Please Do Watch...It is worth the time to read the sub-titles.

Muslims Have Contributed Nothing but Terror~Why Do You Expect Them to Love You?

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