Thursday, 11 May 2017

Israeli Soldiers Reject Breaking the Silence's Lies

Flag of IDF (From Wikipedia)
Below is a video rebuttal to claims made against the IDF (Israel Defense Forces)

When the Soldiers who actually served with Dean Issacharoff of Breaking the Silence saw a video in which he made outrageous claims against the IDF they decided they must speak out.

Issacharoff's organization regularly releases distorted stories that omit vital details, or quite simply, are direct lies. The end result, of course, slanders the IDF and brings criticism to Israel as a country.

The false narrative implemented by Breaking the Silence blames Israel~solely~for every ill in the ongoing conflict, while at the same time, totally exonerating the "palestinians" as poor victims.

If you really want to see peace in the middle-east it is time to see organizations like Breaking the Silence for what it they: A manipulative group which seeks to demonise the IDF and the State of Israel.

The young men and women of the IDF are faced with danger and possible death every day of their service, yet they are out there making our country a safe place for citizens, tourists and haters alike. Many go above and beyond what should be expected of them. They are not deserving of such miserable treatment.  It is time to shut the political manipulators down!
Israeli Soldiers Speak Out Against Lies and Slander...

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