Monday, 26 September 2016

The Truth About What Israeli Soldiers Face...

Over the years I have met those who have served in the IDF, those who are serving and the worried parents of children just out of high school facing an enemy determined to kill them. 

The "Rules of Engagement" are not designed to protect our soldiers~they appear to serve to protect those that would kill our young defenders. 

The fact that the IDF continues to perform with restraint under the most unimaginable conditions is to me, nothing short of a miracle. 

Although the film below is a snarky look at a daily situation, it speaks volumes of truth in what it portrays. Look around your city at the youth in their final year of high school. Can you imagine them facing murderous hatred on a daily basis? Do you think they would be able to face such an enemy and Not react?  What would you have your child do in this situation??

Hashem should Bless all the young men and women who are on the front lines defending us and those who are supporting them. We will never be able to thank them for what they do!
  What Would You Do in His Situation? What if This Was Your Child??*English Subtitles

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