Thursday, 25 August 2016

Sarah Zoabi: A Proud Muslim Zionist~Amazing!!

Ziabi Family~Picture Credit: Israel Today
Life in Israel is nothing like the media portrays. It is better, it is worse, it is none of the above. 

One constant has always been the plight of the "Poor Arabs suffering at the hands of the Israelis". In fact, much of the problems are created by the PA leaders themselves, which in turn is used as a tool to the benefit of no one, except the fat cats at the top who line their pockets with the very funds designated for aid.

There always has, and probably always will be tensions between Jews and Arabs, but at the same time, there has been and can be times of peace. The key thing, is that is takes "two" to make peace, but only "one" to start a war.

Sarah Zoabi is the mother of Muhammed Zoabi, the outspoken young man who was forced to go into hiding when he publicly voiced support for the three Jewish teens who were kidnapped (and murdered) by Arab terrorists. In spite of the dangers he faces, Muhammed has joined the IDF. Sarah appeared on Israel's Master Chef TV program and voiced her opinions to the entire country! The members of this family are proud, productive Israeli citizens. They have spoken up, and in continuing  to do so, put their lives in danger. 

Regardless of your opinions on Israel and the PA, please take time to listen to what this very brave woman has to say. Please think about the points that she makes. Finally, please pray for the safety of Sarah and her family.

Hard to Believe this Amazing Woman is Related to MK Hanin Zoabi~Israel Hater!

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