Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Finnish Police Released This Idiotic Video~Seriously??

First  let me preface this by saying I do know people living in Finland. They are smart, intelligent and all round "good people" to know. I have not spoken to them about the video below, but I find it hard to believe that they would even think this would have an effect.

Living in the middle-east, I am very familiar with the mind set of the men. Trust me when I say, "the force" might make them laugh but most likely will only get them excited. As an added thought, it is rare that a Muslim will be a single attacker. They prefer groups where they clearly outnumber and outpower their prey.

When are people in the west ever going to clue in that you are not dealing with your own culture. You are dealing with a centuries old set of thoughts and beliefs that show no sign of abating any time soon. Your women and children, and indeed your society is at risk. Do your homework. Look at what has happened to "every" country that Muslims have moved to. They do not move to integrate, they move to take over.

Knowing that few people will take my words seriously, I post this video anyway...maybe it will provide your smile for the day!

Pepper Spray Is Illegal~Use The Force? What Are They Smoking Up There??

* Thanks to Tundra Tabloids for posting this!

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