Sunday, 17 July 2016

Jerusalem Security Protects Citizens From Bomb Attack...

Terrorist Neutralized (Picture: TAB)
This morning I was at the tram stop a bit later than usual. As I was checking the time a fuss was taking place a few meters away. I looked up to see a couple of security guards challenging a young Arab man~most likely because he was behaving suspiciously.

From where I stood, the Arab was behaving in a very aggressive manner, swinging what looked like a large bottle at the guard trying to back him onto the rails. 

In the blink of an eye he was on the ground~and others across the track were clearing the area. In minutes there were police and security everywhere, streets were blocked.

The guards contained the attacker, and blocked any danger to the public. 

One guard knelt at the man's head to keep him from moving while the second pulled his clothing away~to insure there are no weapons or explosive devices. 
The Robot (Picture: TAB)

In rapid response, the streets in all directions were cordoned off and a plethora of security forces were lined up and directing the people back to a safe distance. Shops along the street closed the doors and some lowered the metal treis. 

The first thing that arrived (along with squads of police) was a truck carrying the "robot". This tiny tractor is sent in to exam suspicious packages to determine the next action. It is kind of like a giant robotic toy and I noted that people quite enjoyed seeing it deployed!

In this situation many things happen in rapid succession. I noted that at all times there were forces lined at each end of the street to keep the curious out of the way, answer questions and most importantly, watch for other dangers that may be mingling in the crowd.
Dogs Arriving (Picture: TAB)
What I (or any other onlookers) did not know at the time, was that there was a bomb in the man's back pack. One of the guards who was first on the spot told our "crowd" he thought it was a bomb and described it. 

The news has since reported that as well as several pipe bombs, there were knives in the bag and that a major attack had been avoided.

Very soon, the bomb-sniffing dogs arrived~3 of them, with tails wagging and ears alert. Around the same time a second, smaller robot was also deployed.

By this time we had been pushed back to the intersection and details of what was going on were difficult to see.

Local news has since reported that one of the guards was Druze, and had challenged the man in Arabic. Because our security people are trained to spot problems, he was able to deduce that something was not right and the quick actions avoided a disaster. 

The professional, rapid actions of our security people and forces were once again able to stop a disaster from happening. They know what to look for and do not hesitate to challenge anyone who they think is a danger.

Here are a few more pictures from this morning:

Motor Cycle Police (Picture: TAB)
IDF Arriving (Picture: TAB)

Job Well Done (Picture: TAB)


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