Monday, 6 June 2016

Netzah Yehuda March to The Kotel On Jerusalem Day

Kfir Brigade's Netzah Yehuda (Haredi) Battalion 300 Strong March Through the City

In honour of the 49th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem 300 members of the Netzah Yehuda battalion marched from Gan Sacher Park, up Bezalel Street, down Ben Yehuda, along King George to Jaffa road through Jaffa Gate and the Jewish Quarter to the Kotel. Police closed streets to allow the soldiers who were dressed out in full combat gear, to pass through the city. What a beautiful site to see our boys singing as they proudly march through our City with the flag of Israel!

The rabbis of the Nahal Haredi Foundation and the Shiluv Menatzeah~IDF Haredi Alumni Association (which accompanies the soldiers during and after their military service) joined the soldiers as they passed their offices and marched alongside them.

At the Kotel Plaza a ceremony was held describing the power in the connection between their battalion, Jerusalem, and the Nation of Israel.

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