Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Fakestinian Hatred Knows No Bounds

It is stunning how wrong the news from North America and Europe is when portraying the situation in Israel. Rather than promoting peace, they are throwing gasoline on the fires of hatred.

A young mother of six, was stabbed to death in front of her children, in her own home, by a terrorist. She was thirty years old, a nurse, holistic healer and was known for always being available whenever anyone was in need. Where was the outcry~apart from sympathy for the terrorist that is...

There are no words to describe the multitude of feelings that course through the mind when these continued, uncalled for attacks on innocents pass with barely a nod from the world at large. Yet, a terrorist shot while attacking and killing, or trying to kill Jews, is hailed as a martyr, wailed over, and of course, his family gets a large pension funded by the EU and friends.

Meanwhile, the EU is building "ILLEGAL" Arab houses on Jewish Land!! Note that they want all Jewish homes (built on legally purchased land) destroyed. When Israel tore down a few Arab homes built with no purchase, permission or safety checks on "acknowledged Jewish Land" the EU and UN threw a hissy fit. What bizzaro world are they living in!

Arabs are fed lies from birth, they are raised to act murderously for the sake of those lies. They are now being told that Mary and Jesus were Palestinian, and if you watch the clip below you will hear the claim that the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is also theirs~along with the Holy sites of the very Jews they want to kill. What do Muslims do to synagogues and churches? They turn them into Mosques or destroy them.

As you watch the clip below, remember, this is a culture that will never be satisfied with one piece of land. They want it all, and they want Islam to be the only law in the entire world. Eventually, this will be on your doorstep. All through history this has proven to be true and in these times we are not only facing the violence, but a people who have learned to take advantage of the democracy and "political correctness"

Ignoring the reality will not improve things~this is a primitive culture that only knows force and violence. Those who are kind to the cruel, will end up being cruel to the kind~then in the end they themselves will end up being oppressed.

The following is a collection of MEMRI TV clips showcasing the recent wave of Palestinian incitement against Israelis and Jews as part of the "Knife Intifada." The compilation includes statements from Palestinian officials and religious figures, as well as segments from TV shows and videos posted on social media.

What Would You Do If You Were Fed This All Day~Every Day?

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