Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Rape of Sweden~Coming Soon to Your Town

Photo Credit: Redice Creations
Take Note: This is not a stand-up comedy routine. Rape, abuse and every kind of violent and obscene crime is happening on a regular basis, in every country where muslims have been allowed to enter.

The denial, lies, deceit, corruption and stupidity of  elected officials, government representatives and the ever growing  farcical "media" has brought us to a stage of complete unbelievable bizzaro world existence.

What will it take for the world to wake up? How many innocents have to suffer? I would really like to see one major news reporting organization grow some balls and do some actual reporting for a change. The video below is only a small taste of where the world is going. 

Political Correctness be damned~if the world is to survive we have to stop the nonsense and go back to law, order and the things that made the Western World great. We need a real revolution or the entire civilized world will be dragged into the third-world cesspool that Islam has been spreading since the illiterate, murderous, pedophile muhammed came up with his phony religion. 

And, yeah, I know, you are all going to come and get me. Well, come ahead, do your best. If it means people start waking up and returning to common sense, well then...

Pat Condell is a Lone Voice of Truth in a Wilderness of Political Correctness

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