Thursday, 10 December 2015

Chabad Had A Chanukah Parade !

Chabad Menorah~Kikar Zion Jerusalem
Last night (09 December 2015) was the fourth night of Chanukah in Jerusalem. 

We were walking around town looking at the lights and decided to head to Emek Refaim for coffee. Most people had chosen to stay inside, but it really was a nice crisp night for walking about. 

When we saw multiple police go by with flashing lights, we first thought it was another terror attack but we were wrong! 

Chabad was having a parade right through the German Colony (Jerusalem). The cars were playing music and on top of each car and truck were Chanukiot lit for the fourth night. 

By the time I got outside it was almost over, but I managed to film a bit of what we saw~it was awesome! Chanukah Someyach!

Chanukah Parade in Jerusalem~Thanks Chabad!!

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