Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The "Forced" Collective Suicide of Europe...

This is Europe. Sadly the elected politicians refuse to acknowledge what is taking place. The few at the top of the heap are protected from what ordinary people must endure. Their children go to elite schools, they themselves are guarded and would never even visit the areas where all the discontent is taking place.

Most importantly they fill the press and media with false narratives. They praise Islam~Why? Muslims themselves are very open. They want "Only Islam and Sharia". They do not want to live according to the laws of the country or adopt democratic standards. Yes, there are a few who do truly want a new life, but they are in the minority. 

The western mind cannot conceive of the middle-eastern mind-set. There is no comparison, we are not alike. While the west strives for equality and opportunity for all, the middle-east understands nothing other than brute force. If you are weak they will crush you, because these are people who do not accept following any law but Islam~and Islam rules through terror and brute force. They believe that all other people must be subservient or destroyed.

As for the woman at the end of the clip trying to place Jews in this mess, she is living in lala land. Like all the other politically correct, multi-culti fools, I am quite sure that she will be on the ground with a sword at her throat and still spouting the same crap. Muslims want all Jews dead~including her. When someone says over and over again that they are going to kill you~believe it! Jews who live in the middle-east know this, and we also know that the only place that is really safe for us, is Israel!

If you doubt that open gates will lead to the annihilation of western culture as we know it...keep this video and see where Europe is in 2020. Better yet, take a good, hard, honest look at Islam. Not the BS touted by the media. Only by educating yourselves and facing the truth will freedom and democracy have a chance.

*Note~The Loud Music at 1:36 Ends Around 3:10 

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