Tuesday, 27 October 2015

How Palestinian TV Incites Arabs to Murder Jews

The ongoing terror attacks and murders in Israel has been labelled The Intifada of the Knife and is being fomented by Social media and ongoing incitement by "palestinian" leaders. 

Israelis want peace! We bombard our officials and hold protests for peace. Our government has made concession after concession in the hopes to sit down and create middle east where we can raise our families and just "live"

Many of the Arabs who attack and murder Jews work, live, and are educated in Israel! As someone living in Jerusalem I can say that a great many of them live in far better circumstances than I do! Those who live in poor conditions are the ones who are under the control of Islam and the corrupt leaders. The UN, EU and world at large fill the pockets of these leaders, while their own people blame Israel for everything they lack. It is a farce of the first degree and the politically correct west has swallowed the worm, hook, line and sinker!

When interviewed anonymously the vast majority of Arabs would rather live under Israeli rule than PA (or any other Muslim) rule. Why? Because they live better, and are treated better~end of story!

Meanwhile, incitement by Palestinian officials, social media and "palestinian" television has created a society that thinks only of murder and martyrdom. As much as civilized people value life~this is a culture that only worships death. Mothers send their children to be wounded and hopefully murdered~Why? Because the PA pays a lifetime pension if their babies die killing Jews!

Below are some of the videos posted on social media and PA TV. The youth are being bombarded by visuals of incitement by the PLO, Hamas and various Arab nations. 

This is happening every day and if the West does not wake up you will be next...

This is How the PA Media Brainwashes Children! Any Wonder There is NO Peace?

* Thanks to Igal Hecht TheRebel.media for making this video available

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