Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Jerusalem Backyard Now Available in English

Last week I posted about my very good friend (and Blogger), who is beginning to publish some of her writings. 
A long time resident of Jerusalem, she has been very involved with several of the Chassidic communities in Mea Shearim, and maintains many close friendships to this day. 
Her first effort was released in German, but the English version is now available on Amazon Books.
As I said when I wrote about her first book, it is a first effort, and is therefore small, but she has already begun a new set of short stories about her many experiences in Jerusalem.  She also has many stories of adventures in other parts of Israel and the oddities that can "only happen in Israel".
The books can be ordered via the Amazon link above, or if you would prefer, you can order a pdf file from her blogs. Just make the payment via the PayPal button and she will email the file to you. 

 * Blogs in German

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