Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Rabbi Mordechai Machlis is Back in Jerusalem !

Last Shabbat, a friend and I decided to walk to the Machlis home to see who, if anyone was there. To our great delight we walked in and Rabbi Machlis himself was at the table. He had just flown in that day from America and it was hard to fathom how he could stay on his feet, teaching, smiling and running the Friday Shabbat meal for a huge crowd...maybe a hundred souls! Yet, there he was!

One of his daughters was also there with her husband, as were three of his sons. It should be noted that while the Rabbi has been away, his son Yoshua has been carrying a heavy load to organize and run all the meals in his absence. He looked exhausted but that did not stop him from energetically helping all to enjoy the Shabbat!

Of course, almost everyone there was mostly concerned with Rebbetzin Henny. You may have noticed that my postings of late have been to relay messages from a friend about her status. As the Rabbi put it, Henny is a very positive person (an understatement!). He said that when he spoke to her before Shabbat came in that she considered her status as a cup half full~ready to be filled to the top. In fact, it was Rebbetzin Henny who insisted the Rabbi come back to Jerusalem!

It was a great Shabbat evening and we were very happy that we decided to walk down.

My friend also went to the Rabbi's classes this week, and relayed to me that the Rabbi had spoken to Henny and he is expecting her to return to Jerusalem at the conclusion of her current treatments. This is good news indeed!

This is a family that that has given their all to multitudes of people around the world. Please, as we are nearing another Shabbat, remember them all in your prayers. Say Tehillim for Rebbetzin Henny, (Henna Rasha bat Yitta Ratza) and don't forget to include Rabbi Mordechai and all of their children.

Remember that they have all been through so much, and yet, during all this time have continued to provide meals and support for the tens of people who visit their home each day and every Shabbat. Only someone who has been there and seen their consistent love, care, and giving over so many years, can truly understand just how much they do.

I can't wait for Rebbetzin Henny to be back in the Jerusalem she loves, so I can remind her how much she is loved by me and thousands of others, and that Jerusalem (and Israel) is just not the same when she is not here!!

Brazen Plug for a New Book of Hassidic Stories

A very good friend (and Blogger), who is a long time resident of Jerusalem, has finally decided to start publishing some of her stories.

She has been very involved with several of the Chassidic communities in Mea Shearim, and maintains many close friendships to this day.

It is daunting to foray into the publishing arena. Her first effort (pictured to the right) has just been released in German. The English version will be out in about a week and hopefully more will follow in quick order.

This first effort is small, but there is a plethora of stories ready to be set and published.

If you read German can download the book now from Amazon or order via PayPal on her blogs to receive a pdf file. Her blogs are listed below and are good reading in themselves. 

English speakers will be able to order within a week~I'll post when it is available.

 * Blogs in German

* Blogs in English

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

URGENT UPDATE: Tefillah for Henny Machlis

Picture © TAB
I just received this important News Flash for all those meeting for Tefillah at the Kotel:
On Wednesday, 12 September, 2015 there will be a special ceremony at the Kotel with seventy-eight (78) SEFREI TORAH~yes, you read correctly!

The ceremony will take plate at 17:30~20:30 (05:30 to 08:30pm). The Sefrei Torah are in honor of  the soldiers who died in the Gaza war last Sefer Torah for each soldier who was killed and three for the kidnapped soldiers. They were donated by several families in Montreal. The families of the fallen soldiers, the President of Israel,  possibly the Prime MInister, the Defense Minister, the Chief Rabbis and Generals, etc. will attend the ceremony and festive dancing. There there will be "a lot of security"

Our Tefillah for Henny Machlis has been given the blessing of The Rabbi of the Kotel, Rabbi Schmuel Rabinovich

We are asked to gather at the Golden Menorah on the steps to the Kotel at 20:00 (08:00pm).

Security will then escort us as a group to the Kotel. You can come by train or Bus #38 and walk down to the Kotel from the Jewish Quarter. 

There will be No Entrance to the Kotel before 20:30 (08:30pm)
~ Except for Invited Guests.

Please Come On Time and bring Tehillim and Nishmat Kol Chai. 

Please send this email out to contacts on your mailing list asap. 

Perhaps because our beautiful Hennie is so dedicated to the mitzvah of  'Hachnassat Orachim', she merits the 'zchut' to receive the blessings of Seventy-Eight (78) Sefrei Torah for 'Hachnassat HaTorah' at the Kotel before our Tefillah.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Rebbetzin Hennie Machlis~URGENT Update...

Picture © TAB
I have received many requests for information on the status of  Rebbetzin Hennie Machlis. For all of you around the globe who dearly love her, please know that she needs our heartfelt prayers now!

There will be a special Womens "Tehillim" at the Kotel for our beloved Hennie, to take place on Wednesday, 12 August 2015 at 20:00 to 21:30 pm. We are asking for her complete 'refuah schlema.' (See Details Below)

Rabbi Mordechai Machlis and Rebbetzin Hennie are the Avraham Avinu and Sarah Imenu of our generation. Over a period of thirty-five years, they have hosted over 400,000 people for Shabbat, in their tiny home. Each Shabbat they have served three delicious, homemade meals prepared with love and prayers by Rebbetzin Hennie and her beautiful daughters. To see their loving smiles as they cook and prepare for Shabbat in their tiny kitchen,  is truly an inspiration to behold. There is always more than enough food for everyone and somehow, there is always room for one more! All of the HUGE pots and pans bear witness to the warmth, generosity and sanctity of Hennie's kitchen. I remember asking what secret ingredients she uses in her "recipes", Hennie just smiled and said that she prays Tehillim over each pot. When you see hundreds of people eating, singing, rejoicing and sharing 'Dvar Torah' at the Machlis Shabbos 'tisch' in their humble apartment, it is a wonder, and it is easy to believe that Hennie's prayers have been heard by the Creator.

As soon as you meet Hennie you are embraced with her warmth and so much feel she is your very best friend...and that she will be there for you forever. Hennie has thousands of 'best friends' all over the world. Imagine that!

Now, our beloved Hennie (Henna Rasha bat Yitta Ratza), this most amazingly beautiful tzeddekas, overflowing with love, kindness, compassion and understanding needs Our Prayers~Our Prayers for her refuah schlema'~from around the world.

Hennie, (Henna Rasha bat Yitta Ratza), needs all of us to comfort her and to to pour out our hearts in prayer and to gently storm the gates of Heaven for a speedy and complete 'refuah schlema.'

We love you Hennie...we are with you...we are here for you...we need you...your husband, children and grandchildren need you...all your 'best friends in the world' need you...the lost and lonely need you...and 'Klal Israel' needs you.

So We Are Asking Everyone to Please Join us and Bring your Tehillim!

...If you are not in Jerusalem~Please, wherever you are on Wednesday, 12 August 2015  at  20:30 (8:30pm) Jerusalem Time, Stop~Open your Tehillim and send your prayers~to be joined with the prayers of all of Hennie's friends who will be at the Kotel~prayers to the very Gates of Heaven, pleading for a complete 'refuah schlema' for Henna Rasha bat Yitta Ratza!

 Meet at the Kotel water fountain by the women’s section

Wednesday, 12 August 2015  at  20:30 (8:30pm)

For more information you can call:

 052 475 4492

The Iran Nuclear Deal~Just The Facts

The Best, Clearest Description of The Evil We Face~PLEASE LISTEN!!

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Passerby Scolds Sheik for Teaching Kids Martyrdom

Everyone should watch this carefully. This incident took place at the entrance to the Al-Aqsa (Temple Mount) compound. Because of  "Arabs Rioting" security had blocked entry to the compound.

Please listen and read the sub-titles to see what this "vile sheik" is teaching young children in the open. You will note that there are Israeli soldiers standing there (they are there to protect Arabs, Jews, and anyone else that is in the area). They make no move to disturb or stop this hateful person~these are the very soldiers that the world condemns! Kol ha Kavod to the "only" gentleman who had the common sense to reprimand this "sheik" on drilling such hatred into young children.

How can the world demand that we make any kind of deal with these people when they stand openly and scream "Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews~The Army of mohammed is Coming for You." The hatred is bred into the children from birth. What chance is there for them to even think about a peaceful existence? Here is the comment from MEMRI~TV~ that accompanied the video:

Please Visit  MEMRI~TV~Educate Yourself!!

On July 27, 2015, Sheik Khaled Al-Maghrabi could be seen preaching martyrdom to children on the streets of the Old City of Jerusalem. As a passerby scolded him, saying that he should not be teaching such notions to children, the children were led in chants in praise of martyrdom and of "Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews." Al-Maghrabi and the children, who were attending his summer camp at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, were prevented from entering the compound because of the riots.

Thanks to MEMRI~TV For Constantly Posting The Truth For All To See!

How to insult a "Progressive"

Another Great One from Pat Condell~If Only More People Could See The Truth!!

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