Tuesday, 18 November 2014

UPDATE: Terror Attack in Jerusalem~Four Dead

Reports keep coming in about the terror attack. Police are searching for a third man and it has now been released that one of the attackers had been a prisoner who was released in the Shalit deal. No surprise there~

It is being reported that the attack was not random, rather it was very well planned. Quoted from a first responder:

"Two terrorists infiltrated the synagogue and massacred worshipers during prayer, THEY WERE WEARING PRAYER SHAWLS AND PHYLACTERIES."  

This is a clear indication that the terrorists disguised themselves as Jews (as they often do) to get in amongst the worshipers.
As if daily riots, and terror attacks with vehicles and knives are not enough!

This morning, while Jews were praying in Kehilat Yaakov Synagogue on Shimon Agassi Street in HarNof, two, possibly three Arab terrorists broke in with knives, axes and guns and began attacking the unarmed worshipers.

According to the reports they began stabbing people, then opened fire with guns. Police arrived and a gunfight ensued. Two police officers were wounded before two of the terrorists were shot dead. It is not confirmed but there may be a third terrorist on the loose.
Reports vary, but it is said that four are dead and thirteen injured. The attackers are believed to be "fakestinians" from East Jerusalem.

I've said it before and I will say it again, and again~you can never have peace with these people. They are inbred with hatred from conception. They are mentally ill. They worship death and will not stop until they have killed all the Jews.

Their leaders (our peace partners??) and world news media spout the same rhetoric every day for all to hear and see. The PA uses world "donations" to print text books filled with hatred and lies while they pay monthly salaries to terrorists based on how many Jews they killed.  

Just what part of their message does the rest of the world NOT understand??...OR does the world also want all the Jews dead?

In This Clip from Arutz 7 You Can Hear the Gun Shots...

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