Monday, 17 November 2014

Israel or Palestine~It Was Always the Jewish Homeland!

Larousse French Dictionary~1939
It is always a surprise when I hear Arabs crying that they were "robbed of their ancient homeland" by the evil Jews. 

It is even more stunning to hear organizations like the UN, the EU and others agree with them.

The picture above left is of a Larousse French dictionary from 1939. In a story from Factual Israel we learn that there is an alphabetical index of flags listed. 

The article states that this appendix lists all the (then) current flags of the world in alphabetical order. For example, the flag for Germany at the time was Nazi, complete with swastika~which confirms this was printed at least pre-1945.

They searched for the Palestinian Flag and confirmed that, YES, there was indeed a flag. 
What did it look like?

That's it on the right...Oh My!

They also provide a link to the Palestine Mandate at Yale Law School for anyone interested in reading it. 

The fact is, up to the 1960's the name "Palestine" was always synonymous with "Jewish"~as it has been for the past several thousand years. In fact, Arabs before then refused to call themselves "Palestinians", until the terrorist Arafat, rolled in from Egypt (where he was born) and decided to change history. He was a great believer of the line, "If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself". Since the 1960's the constant lies and history-twisting of the Arab/Islamic world has come to fruition, as there are now millions of people who only know the "revised" version of history created by those who wish to destroy Israel.

For all who were under the impression that (Mandate Jewish) Palestine was an Islamic Arab-Turkish-whatever Sovereign State, that the evil Jews stole for themselves~Maybe you should look back at the real history~before the Islamic world started to rewrite it...

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