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Jerusalem is Under Constant Attack From Terrorists...

Crushed Stroller of 3-Month Old Murdered in Terror Attack
Those of us who live in Jerusalem are well aware of the daily attacks~on Jews~by Arabs. Call them whatever you want, but these are terrorists with murder in their hearts whose chief desire is to see all Jews dead. There it is!

These attacks are rarely reported in Israeli news and never reported by the world media. Only deaths merit a press mention, and even then, the media almost always manages to present the terrorists as victims, while the real victims are villainized.

Earlier today, an Arab Terrorist targeted Jews exiting the light rail in Jerusalem~charging into them with his car (See Video Below). He drove about fifteen meters on the tracks, hitting nine people. He continued for a few hundred meters before hitting a pole. He then exited the car and tried to flee on foot, but was shot and wounded by police. Of course, his family claim he was an innocent boy~it was just an accident. Watch the video clip from the security camera...

UPDATE~The terrorist, Abdur Rahman Slodi of Shiloach, has reportedly died in hospital from his wounds (may his name be erased).
Chaya Zissel Braun, hy"d

Three month old Chaya Zissel Braun
died in this murderous attack...

She was with her parents who were returning from prayers at the Kotel. Her stroller was struck, and baby Haya was found ten meters away. She was rushed to Hadassa hospital, but died two hours later.

Her grandparents, arrived this day in Israel to meet their long waited for grandchild~instead, after only a few hours, they were attending her funeral. There are no words...

I'm sure the vermin in the EU will join with the UN to find some way to blame the devastated parents for this tragedy!

Meanwhile, Hamas is celebrating another terror attack~jumping for joy at the death of an infant~because she is a Jew.

Make no mistake~this was a terrorist who knew exactly what he was doing~he was a known member of Hamas and has a record of terror attacks. From a post on Arutz 7:

The Arab driver has now been confirmed (7:40 pm IST) to have been resident of the Shiloach/Silwan neighborhood and a member of Hamas~and to have served in Israeli prison before for terrorism...
Photos: Yiddish News
Personally, I wish our law enforcement people would take a firm decision to "shoot to kill". Why should a piece of crap  like this be allowed to sit in our jails, getting fat and educated at our expense while UN/EU funds are used to pay him and his family thousands of dollars each month? And he would get thousands~the more Jews a terrorist kills or maims, the higher the "salary" he is paid by the PA.

So, were Arabs living in Israel concerned or afraid after this attack? Were they prevented from carrying out their daily schedules? NO! Arabs in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel walk freely without fear~anywhere they please, anytime they please. From the most religious street in Mea Shearim, to the most secular areas in the country, Arabs in Israel know they face no threat.
Photo: Maximilian Dörrbecker

Jerusalem has a fat-cat mayor who is more interested in building luxury hotels and paying millions to bring race cars to town, than he is in the fact that Jews forced to sleep in the streets~and worse~that Jews are constantly under attack from Arab terrorists. I have written before that Nir Barkat would make a crappy mayor and he is living up to my prediction. Not that he is alone~our PM and his cronies head up "Team PC".

The decision to "Not" publish the daily attacks on Jews is a stupid one to put it mildly.

What genious came up with the idea that "not telling the truth" would somehow aid in keeping the peace?? The more our government covers up, the more dangerous the attacks become.

Some Israeli news outlets have hinted at a "Silent Intifada". Seriously? It is only silent to the likes of Bibi Netanyahu and his wife, "lady Sara MacBeth", who retire every night to their villa in Ceasarea via an armed convoy under the constant protection of personal body guards. Just prior to posting this, I was speaking to a friend who described the scene from her balcony...helicopter overhead, armed riot police suiting up, screeming Arabs hurling rocks and whatever~Just another typical night on the street where she lives. Silent indeed!
Jews in many parts of Jerusalem cannot park their vehicles in front of their homes at night for fear they will be fire-bombed or at the very least have the windows smashed and the tires slashed. In other neighbourhoods Jews risk being lynched for the simple act of walking down the street. Imagine how you would feel if it was not safe to leave your home without an armed guard or to be unable to allow your children to play outside!

What would you do if your house was constantly pelted with stones? Do you know what it is like to wake up in the middle of the night because your home is on fire~from a molotov cocktail? In Israel, it is the Jews who experience all of these things.

Yes, we put bars on our windows, and watch which streets we travel on...but far too many are being injured~the damage to property and people is huge. The only silence involved here is the silent cowardice of our elected officials!

The world has fallen for the "great lie" in which murdering terrorists are painted as suffering victims, while the real victims are blamed for being attacked. From the EU to the UN to church and student groups the party line is that Israel is the "evil one" who creates all the problems for the "poor palestinians"~Therefore it is Israel who prevents "peace" from breaking out in the middle east and all over the world. 

Will someone please explain to me how murdering a three month old baby can bring any kind of "peace"...

Watch As Terrorist's Car Jumps the Curb and Mows Down Civilians Exiting the Tram...

Proof It Was A Deliberate Attack Leaving No Escape For Civilians!

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