Monday, 25 August 2014

Are You Ready for This Future? Should We Be Afraid?

As one who loves technology, I remain aware and concerned that our growing population is changing primarily due to the very technology that is "freeing us". We are becoming less engaged in life. 

If the world continues to spawn large cities with a majority population consisting of unemployed, uninvolved people who are spending their days watching TV, playing video games and "eating"~we are in a lot of trouble. Even the intellectually inclined who laud the technology that now allows them to spend their time in critical thinking and creative endeavors are not immune.

The human mind does need stimulation, but so does the body~and I am not referring to doing a mile on the treadmill or a weekly "spin-class". We started out "in the beginning" as "hunter-gatherers". In order to survive we had to engage the world around us. Mankind has come a long way~but have we really?

Picture Credit: eScan Blog
I see the changes in small ways, like children no longer running and playing freely~with no electronics~just a ball or a rope and curiousity about the world around them. Our children are so glued to their phones, tablets and consoles that many are losing the ability to communicate "face to face".  They are not learning the art of being engaged in the world around them!

What about outdoor play? Once kids would tie a tire and rope to a tree for hours of fun~Now children are confined to "safe play areas" with sterile, safety approved, playground equipment. A bruised knee can result in removal of the offenseve piece. I am all for child safety and Yes, I did worry myself sick every time my children were not sitting right in front of me, but preventing them from taking on their world is not the answer. Add to this the growing obesity in society and the fact that we now have a problem with morbid obesity in elementary students! What's in their future?

Millions of young people worldwide graduate with large debts and no prospects. As larger numbers of degrees are given for topics like "Gender Analysis in Economics" or "Sexuality and Queer Studies", "Women's and Gender Studies" and on and on~just who will pay for whatever it is that these people are supposed to be doing? How many positions can there ever be? How are the huge student loans to be repaid?? If the majority of the world population are no longer employed, Who will support them? and more to the point, Why will anyone even want to support them in the long term?

The short film below is not a "doomsday" prophecy, but a simple look at a problem that is here~now. As we are advancing at an ever increasing rate, we do indeed face a world where the majority have "no purpose". Isn't it time we started thinking about it?

Here is Some Food for Thought~Do Take Time to Watch to the End...

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