Thursday, 26 June 2014

The UN Mocks Israeli Mother's Grief~Beyond Disgusting!

Bring Back Our Boys !
I have posted a few articles about the kidnapping of three Israele teens, with the latest being the heartfelt plea of Racheli Frenkel, mother of sixteen year old Naftali, to the members of the UN.

At the time, I made passing reference to the obvious anti-semitic attitude of the United Nations in general. Now, somebody has actually compiled a series of clips showing exactly how disgusting their attitude really is.

There are a few things one should keep in mind when watching the clip below:

1) The government of Israel had already confirmed it was a kidnapping, but the word is never used~they even suggest the boys may have went on a holiday;

2) The security forces, while not revealing details, declared that they were sure it was Hamas who carried out the disgusting deed;

3) One of the strongest components in the UN is the islamic states. They hate Israel and their goal is to wipe us off the map. This was the original purpose for the formation of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries);

4) The "palestinians" and their "partners" Hamas have come up with the disgusting "three-finger salute" which they call the "three shalits" after kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit. They are currently spreading this in every way possible to show that now they have three to bargain with;

5) The boys were on the way home from school, they were NOT soldiers, and they were NOT settlers;

6) The UN is more concerned that Israel is arresting PA Arabs. Note that many of them were released in the Shalit deal and had signed declarations that they would stay away from terror activities, yet they were in possesion of fire-arms, bombs, and taking part in terror activities when re-arrested;

7) Why is nobody concerned that two of the boys are only sixteen (16) years old and one is nineteen (19)? This is what the UN defends~the kidnapping of children?

Near the end of the video a list of the speakers at the 24 July 2014 UN Human Rights Council, Geneva is provided, followed by the speakers. They are:

1) Palestinian Authority, Bahrain, Pakistan, speaking for the OIC which is a union of fifty-six (56) Islamic states;

2) Egypt speaking for twenty-two (22) states in the Arab group;

3) Indonesia, Jordan and Iran speaking for one hundred-nineteen (119) states in the NAM (Non Aligned Movement); and

4) Yemen, Libya and Cuba

Not one word about any of the many war horrors going on in other countries (almost all Islamic and in the Middle East). Thousands are being murdered and kidnapped daily by Islamists, yet they devote all of their time to vilifying Israel. You don't have to be pro-Israel, to see their over-the-top bias!

In WWII Hitler tried to eliminate the Jews, and now (his then partners) are doing their best to finish the job. Saying you are "only anti-Israel", while supporting the Muslim countries who are trying to destroy her is nothing short of anti-semitism.

It is your right to hate Israel, but Israel has a right to exist and defend herself against another genocide perpetrated by barbarians, liars and hypocrites... 

Please Watch Carefully~Why is The World Funding the UN?

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