Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Proud Israeli Arab Sends Message in Three Languages...

Recently a video was posted by Mohammad Zoabi on the kidnapping of the three Israeli teenagers by terrorists. Still a teen himself, this young man speaks three languages (the message is in English, Hebrew and Arabic) and has very strong opinions about Israel. He describes himself as Israeli, Zionist, Arab, Muslim.

Needless to say, because he called for the teens to be released, and because he is proud to be an Israeli, he is under threat. Reports are that his own family has been threatening him, and Israeli police have already arrested several people. 

What makes his message paricularly interesting is that he is the nephew of Hanan Zoabi, an Arab MK in the Israeli Knesset. This is the woman who was on the Mavi Marmari boat to Gaza~the woman who favours Hamas~the woman who works for the destruction of Israel. She can do this because Israel is democratic. Try to imagine a Jew attempting such things in Gaza or any other Muslim country (providing a Jew would even be allowed to enter and remain living...) In a comment to YNet news, MK Hanan Zoabi states:

"I am happy to see that the Israeli hasbara (propaganda) is in such a dire state it needs a stupid boy with a twisted identity, who feels a continuous need to apologize to his strong masters...The Israeli desire to highlight this delusional case shows the state's need for legitimacy, even if it comes from a questionable direction."

*Note to MK Zoabi:
At sixteen years of age, Mohammed is fluent in three languages, and demonstrates a thoughtful, mature, open-minded world view that is devoid of the hatred that festers inside of you! You could learn much from him if you took time off from your vile efforts to destroy the very country that makes it possible for you to live the lifestyle you do!
While the world is busy blaming the victims for their own kidnapping (or ignoring it altogether) this young man tells it as he sees it.

Below is a message from Mohammed, followed by his message to the kidnapers. In case you think this video is not genuine, I have also posted an interview with him from April. I don't know who the interviewer is, but try to stick with it until Mohammed starts speaking. Bear in mind, this young man is only sixteen years old!

Please keep him in your Prayers~he truly is in great danger from his own family and neighbors, as well as the haters of Israel!

Nephew of Israel-Hater MK Hanan Zoabi~Amazing Young Man!

An Interview With Mohammad Zoabi

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