Thursday, 24 April 2014

Baying Muslim Mob Terrifies Jewish Children

In the latest display of barbarism, a screeching mob of muslims bore down on a group of Jews with young children as they ascended the Temple Mount, Judaism's Holiest site. 

Muslims screeched, spat, threw objects (including shoes) and even pulled the peyot of some of the children. A visit that was to be a "spiritual" experience was turned into a traumatizing event.

This is what Jews are living with in our own country. Our government has adopted a position of dhimmitude and grovelling. The result is that Jews are attacked, murdered, cars burned and the violence is escalating on a daily basis. Time and again politicians cry out against "settler kids". Harsh punishment for underage "Jewish" kids for minor offenses~like drawing in sand are handed out~and whole communities of "Jews" are being threatened with having their homes torn down in an act of revenge because of a slashed tire! 

Jewish homes are raided in the middle of the night with woman and children thrown into the street. A synagogue is taken over with the excuse that it may be the center of discussion for "price-tag" attacks, and countless "Jews" are banned from even returning to their homes as "punishment".

Meanwhile, illegal Arab homes are going up in the thousands and not a word is uttered.

Police Hold Back the Attacking Mob
Back to the Temple Mount~the holiest site in Judaism, and what do we have? Jews being restricted access, and when small numbers are allowed~after endless waiting and immodest searches~what do they see?? Baying mobs of barbarians, screaming allah-hu-akbar, and attacking.

The police were there~they always are~but most of the time they are harassing Jews and generally discouraging them from coming. Remember, Jews can be arrested for "moving their lips" just in case they may be silently praying.

This time, the police had to hold back the crowds, while frightened children were rushed to safety. The mob has achieved its goal.

You may be in favour of Jews going back to suicide borders, releasing terrorists and BDS calls. You say it is because Israel is an "Apartheid State". You may be right in a sense~Israel is apartheid, but only towards Jews. The politically correct insanity in this world has come to the point where terrorists have become the victims and the victims, are once again the Jews.

Jewish Children Mobbed on Temple Mount~You Can't Make Peace With Barbarians!

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