Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The Truth Is: Fatah and Hamas Want to Destroy Israel!

To those with eyes and ears this is nothing new. Now it is time for the rest of the world to wake up.

It has always been the goal of "pa arabs" to destroy Israel. When they could not achieve this end they spent years engaging in fake "peace talks"

The delays enabled the corrupt leaders to pocket billions of dollars in support, stockpile weapons, obtain training of "police" forces, and time to invent and disseminate a "New" history of the middle-east. 

Now, they feel strong enough, and think they have stirred up enough anti-Israel bias to achieve their goals.

One cannot say that this is "sudden", as there has been double speak and Jew-hatred from day one. Read the history of how mohamed (their paedophile prophet) did the very same thing...he would sign a hudna (temporary truce) until he could gather men and arms, then when he felt the odds were on his side he went on a bloody rampage and slaughtered everything in his path. 

How much more evidence is needed? The time has come to remove the blinkers and take a stand. Either face the truth that the world has been supporting terrorists and put a stop to it, or admit your hatred of Israel and the Jewish people and continue to support those who are calling for another holocaust.

* Full Story at Arutz7
* Translation Below Each Video

Fatah Leader Calls for Future Without Israel

*Translation (Courtesy of PMW~Palestinian Media Watch)

"Our people, people of Gaza, Gaza of resolve, of nobleness and struggle: Your freedom is near. Our prisoners' freedom and your freedom are also near, Allah willing. You will return to the bosom of legitimacy, to the bosom of the homeland, which is represented by [the] Gaza [Strip] and the [West] Bank, by Palestine -- all of Palestine, from its [Jordan] River to its [Mediterranean] Sea. This is our goal; this is the lantern that lights our way; these are our principles in the Fatah Movement: Palestine -- [the] Gaza [Strip] is part of it; the [West] Bank is part of it; and it is Haifa, Jaffa, Acre, and it is all of Palestine, which will be an independent state for us, Allah willing."
...Fatah Central Committee member Tawfiq Tirawi's YouTube channel, 20 April 2014

This is The Call for Israel's Destruction

*Translation (Courtesy of PMW~Palestinian Media Watch)

"I repeat my humble opinion once again: I'm telling you that the two-state solution does not exist. The two-state solution does not exist. The two-state solution is over. We must return to the option of one Palestine from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea. Palestinians, Palestinian leadership, listen to me: The only solution before us is the historic solution presented by Fatah in 1968." 
...Al-Manar TV (Hezbollah), 02 April 2014

Time for Some Music~Hora!

Shea Berko and Yedidim Choir~Hora~חתונה חסידית ומקהלת ידידים~הורה

*Hat Tip Israel Matzav Blog

Monday, 28 April 2014

Jews Have Always Longed for Their Homeland...

One only has to go to a library, open a history book and see that the Jews have wandered and longed for their homeland for thousands of years. 

It does not matter that those who hate can post lies on the internet, protest the truth and lobby to have history changed. The facts remain, Jerusalem is the capitol of the Jewish state. Jerusalem has always been the capital for the Jews. 

Nobody, has been able to change this truth~Ever~Nor will they be able to. Am Yisrael Chai!

This is the Recording Made in Bergen-Belsen~20 April 1945

Hatikva~With Translation

The Symbol of “Shoah ve Tkuma”~Holocaust and Rebirth

Tibi Ram~Survived Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen and Fought in All of Israel's Wars

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Baying Muslim Mob Terrifies Jewish Children

In the latest display of barbarism, a screeching mob of muslims bore down on a group of Jews with young children as they ascended the Temple Mount, Judaism's Holiest site. 

Muslims screeched, spat, threw objects (including shoes) and even pulled the peyot of some of the children. A visit that was to be a "spiritual" experience was turned into a traumatizing event.

This is what Jews are living with in our own country. Our government has adopted a position of dhimmitude and grovelling. The result is that Jews are attacked, murdered, cars burned and the violence is escalating on a daily basis. Time and again politicians cry out against "settler kids". Harsh punishment for underage "Jewish" kids for minor offenses~like drawing in sand are handed out~and whole communities of "Jews" are being threatened with having their homes torn down in an act of revenge because of a slashed tire! 

Jewish homes are raided in the middle of the night with woman and children thrown into the street. A synagogue is taken over with the excuse that it may be the center of discussion for "price-tag" attacks, and countless "Jews" are banned from even returning to their homes as "punishment".

Meanwhile, illegal Arab homes are going up in the thousands and not a word is uttered.

Police Hold Back the Attacking Mob
Back to the Temple Mount~the holiest site in Judaism, and what do we have? Jews being restricted access, and when small numbers are allowed~after endless waiting and immodest searches~what do they see?? Baying mobs of barbarians, screaming allah-hu-akbar, and attacking.

The police were there~they always are~but most of the time they are harassing Jews and generally discouraging them from coming. Remember, Jews can be arrested for "moving their lips" just in case they may be silently praying.

This time, the police had to hold back the crowds, while frightened children were rushed to safety. The mob has achieved its goal.

You may be in favour of Jews going back to suicide borders, releasing terrorists and BDS calls. You say it is because Israel is an "Apartheid State". You may be right in a sense~Israel is apartheid, but only towards Jews. The politically correct insanity in this world has come to the point where terrorists have become the victims and the victims, are once again the Jews.

Jewish Children Mobbed on Temple Mount~You Can't Make Peace With Barbarians!

Be Anti-Islam~It's A Good Thing

Pat Condell Presents An Honest Set of Facts~Are You Willing to Listen?

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Birkat Kohanim at the Kotel~17 April 2014

Tens of Thousands of Jews Gather for Birkat Kohanim at the Kotel

Hassidic Commercial~Oy Vey!

This is Very Old~But~I Still Have No Words...  (Lyrics Below)

Be warned holy land of the hi definition
Go out and erase this "toeivah" (sin)

Oy Vey, the "toeivah" is here
He said Oy Vey, now the detail's so clear
YES brought HD
Groise Tate (Father in heaven) please help
It's a "broch" this HD on YES

Gevald it's Sedom and Gemorah
HDTV it's against the torah
HDTV oy voi voi voi
Now the shikses look well
you will all go to hell
Or in Hebrew Yishmor HoKel (g-d save us)

Cause the HD is now on YES*

*YES is an Israeli Satellite Television Provider

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Pillar of Fire~The History of Israel's Re-Birth

Click Photo to Enlarge
As we enter the last days before Pesach everyone is busy cleaning and preparing for the seder. This is my busiest time at work, leaving little time to post, so I've decided to post this (very long) seven part documentary.

Pillar of Fire was produced for TV by the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) in 1981. The name was derived from the biblical "Pillar of Fire" which traveled in front of the Israelites as they left Egypt for the Promised Land.

This mini series documents the History of Zionism and Israel's Rebirth. What makes it so unique is that it is not actors and movies sets you will see. The entire series is comprised of original footage taken as the events happened. Carefully put together and narrated, Pillar of Fire is a true look at what it took for Jews to return to their land. The opposition they faced then has changed very little over time. The English version consists of seven episodes (420 minutes).

Episode 1 of 7 (1895 to 1920): Pillar of Fire~The Jew Returns~The Arab Awakens~The drama of the return of the Jews to their land after two thousand years of exile begins. From the Dreyfus Trial and the initial diplomatic activity of Theodore Herzl, founder of the Zionist Movement, until the British Mandate. During these years the diplomatic and settlement infrastructure for the Zionist endeavour was set up. Also during these years, the Arabs of Palestine, who opposed Zionism, awoke and began forging their own identity.
In Czarist Russia, 1905, more than fifty pogroms took place~all inspired by the government to turn the people from the real problems to the classic scapegoat~the Jews. The pogroms and the Dreyfuss Affair prompted Herzel to bid for a homeland for the Jewish People. When Uganda was offered, Herzel was unable to understand the refusal of the Jewish people to accept it~the love and longing in the hearts of the Jewish people to return to their homeland (Israel) was beyond his comprehension. Meanwhile, Eliezar ben Yehuda believed that land alone would not save the Jews from extinction. He began what started as an experiment with his children, and grew to be the revival of the Hebrew language. World War I saw Turkey align with Germany against Britain~a move that would seal their fate. A 1918 air force reconnaissance from the Australian army provided the first aerial views of Jerusalem~at this time it was the Turks who occupied much of the land. The "Arabs" headed by Faisel had very little interest (listen at 34:00) in Jerusalem~he was more concerned with Damascus. When Faisal was given authority over Damascus, only then did Arabs take note of "Palestine" and wanted it as part of Syria.

Episode 1: The Jew Returns~The Arab Awakens (1895-1920)

Episode 2 of 7 (1914 to 1929) Pillar of Fire~The Dream~The Halutzim (Pioneers) Who Arrive in Palestine in the Early 1920s Build Upon the Utopian Ideas of Kibbutzim and Cooperative Settlements. From the end of the First World War to the Arab Riots in 1929. A look at events in Palestine. Days of hope as the British Mandate begins. The Jezreel Valley is captured by Jewish pioneers of the 3rd Aliyah. The Arabs respond with acts of pillage and murder in the 1929 Riots. The Jewish community is not protected by the British. Desperate Actions are taken by Jewish residents.

The Russian Revolution of 1914~set new record of terror and oppression. There were about 13 million Jews world wide. During 1920's many young Jews left Russia to establish a home in Palestian, but large numbers of Jews still believed in the Socialist Revolution of Russia. In Ukraine there were 1,326 pogroms. Many Jews were exiled to Siberia where the term Prisoner of Zion originated. In Palestine the Jews (who were 2nd class citizens under Turks) now had hope. Palestine was arid and mostly deserted. The few arabs lived mostly in the hills while the Jews lived in the coastal areas and the valleys where they laid pipes to drain swamps and began bringing the land to life as in the transformation of the Jezreel Valley. Churchill visited and divided Palestine giving all of Transjordan to the Hashemites. Hebrew University of Jerusalem was opened, while Haj Husseini starts strirring up riots using religion as the reason. This caused six days of murder, riots and destruction. The Hebron massacre resulted in the brutal murders of Jewish men, women, and childred~the community was decimated.

Episode 2: The Dream (1914-1929)

Episode 3 of 7 (1919 to 1937) Pillar of Fire~The Rise and Fall of German Jews~The rise to power of Hitler and thousands of Jews immigrate to Palestine. A period of prosperity and affluence for the Jews of Germany follows the end of the First World War. The rise to power of Hitler and the Nazis abruptly changes their destiny. Thousands of Jews immigrate to Palestine~which flourishes. The Arabs respond with another wave of bloody attacks. The British propose a solution~partition of the land into two states~Jewish and Arab.

Following the rise to power of Hitler, thousands of Jews immigrate to Palestine. Most interesting is the fact that German Jews thought of themselves as more "German" than Jewish. The rate of assimilation was so high, it was posited that with a bit of patience, the Jewish problem would be resolved by the Jews themselves as they would be eliminated by assimilation~but Hitler was not prepared to wait.

Episode 3:  The Rise and Fall of German Jews (1919-1937)

Episode 4 of 7 (1937 to 1939) Pillar of Fire~Who's Afraid of a Jewish State?~The British Chamberlain Government abolishes the Partition Plan and issues an anti-Zionist White Paper. The British Chamberlain Government abolishes the Partition Plan and issues an anti-Zionist White Paper. In Europe the power of Nazi Germany is enhanced. A grim fate awaits the Jews. In Palestine settlements and a Jewish defense force are being built, with the support of the British. As the impending war approaches, the British capitulate to Arab pressure and impose tough restrictions on the Jewish community, while the rest of the world closed their doors to all Jews.

 Episode 4:  Who’s Afraid of a Jewish State? (1937-1939)

Episode 5 of 7 (1939 to 1945) Pillar of Fire~Holocaust~Thousands of Palestinian Jews Volunteer to Serve in the British Army. The Holocaust of the Jews of Europe unfolds in all its brutal stages, from the outbreak of the War to its end: the creation of the ghettos, the Nazi stormtroopers, Auschwitz~the death factory. The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. And in Palestine~fear that the German Army, on the march in North Africa, will overrun Palestine. Even when the fortunes of war change, the annihilation of the Jews continues. The liberation of the camps reveals the appalling fate of the Jews of Europe.
Episode 5:  Holocaust (1939-1945)       

Episode 6 of 7 (1939 to 1945) Pillar of Fire~Exodus~Jewish Underground Organizations Unite in an Armed Struggle Against British Mandate Power. The end of the war and liberation of the death camps do not bring redemption to the survivors, or the problem of the Land of Israel. The struggle goes on: the "Escape" movement brings Holocaust survivors to Palestine; a violent struggle is launched against the British authorities; shiploads of "illegal immigrants" continue to arrive~until the question of Palestine is brought before the United Nations, culminating in the UN Decision on the establishment of the State of Israel.

Episode 6:  Exodus (1945-1947)  

Episode 7 of 7 (1947 to 1948) Pillar of Fire~A Nation Reborn~The Jews Lift the Siege of Jerusalem. An account of the military and diplomatic battles leading to the declaration of the establishment of the State of Israel. In the diplomatic arena~struggles in the UN against attempts to reverse the decision on the establishment of the state. And in Israel~the opening round of the War of Independence. The Arabs in Palestine begin their campaign, battles are waged on the road to Jerusalem. The Arab states prepare for war. Despite all that~on the day the Mandate ends, David Ben Gurion declares the establishment of the State of Israel.

Episode 7:  A Nation Reborn (1947-1948)

Monday, 7 April 2014

Shema Israel~A New Song by Shloime Gertner

  שלומי גרטנר~שמע ישראל     (Lyrics Below)  

שמע ישראל אעצום עיניים...
אנדוד אלייך אלייך ירושלים
לבי במזרח אתה בקצה של השמש השמש
דמדומי הלילה לא היו כאמש

את מנגינת ליבי לא ניתן להשיב
נישאות עיניי אל מול הכותל הנשגב שלך עד עולם
ידיי פרוסות בין חריצים של תקוות
הקל נגע בנשמתי האבודה נותרה התקווה...

English Translation:
Hear O Israel, I close my eyes ...
I shall go to you, to Jerusalem
You're my Eastern edge of the sun the sunshine
The Twilight of the night wasn't like last night

The Music of my heart can not be answered
The raising of my eyes towards your lofty Western Wall forever
My hands are stretched between slits of hope
The voice touched my lost soul, hope remains...

CBS Releases Rare Footage on Jonathan Pollard

Honestly, I'm Not a Pollard Fan~But Something Does Seem Strange

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