Monday, 10 March 2014

What Does the Iranian Threat Look Like??

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I just stumbled upon a great set of maps that everyone needs to look at. One in particular is very unique. The Blog states:

Imagine if Gaza terrorists were your neighbors and could shoot this rocket at your home. We created an app to help you put Iran’s threat in perspective. Type in your home town and it will show you just how far these rockets can reach.

The map I refer to is pictured to the left, but in order to interact you will have to go to the site.

Type in the name of your city (any city~I tried it) and see how far reaching the the danger area is. The map shows the reach of the M-302 rocket, the very ones found aboard the Klos-C this past week.

There were a lot of nay-Sayers who tried to make lite of a shipment of these types of weapons. They are a very real and present danger~Israeli citizens are all too familiar with rockets falling on a regular basis! Remember, Israel is the target today...but it will not be the last target. Look around the world, Islam is encroaching everywhere, and where the citizens don't submit willingly, force, and terror is used.

If you want to understand what the Iranian threat looks like, then click to go to This Page on The IDF Blog. Scroll to the second map, (looks just like the one above) and type in the name of a city.  
Now you know...

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