Monday, 10 March 2014

Want to Know About Real Prejudice and Apartheid??

Just when you think people are getting smarter something like this happens.

As reported in Algemeiner, a cruise ship from Norway, Norwegian Cruise Lines, made a stop in Tunisia. All the passengers prepared to disembark, however, the Israelis (Jews) on board were (quietly) told that they were not welcome in Tunisia and would be confined to the ship. 

The passengers in question had not been advised of this prior to purchasing their tickets, and no announcements were made (ie) the other passengers had no idea of the "selection" that was taking place.

That a Muslim country forbids Jews from entering is not news, but the way that Norwegian Cruise Lines handled the situation is inexcusable! They knew in advance, and Jewish passengers should have been advised at the time of booking. As well, all passengers should have been advised that this type of "selection" was going on.

My Question:  
What would the reaction have been if a "Palestinian", or any other Muslim had been told they would not be allowed to disembark??

This is the type of thing that began before the Shoah. The world says "never again", but an honest look around in any country will confirm this is not a one-of situation. How long will people remain silent, turn aside and hang their heads, pretend they don't see what is happening on a daily basis?

The screams around the world say Israel is "Apartheid", even though the fact is we treat our minority citizens, Muslims, Druze, Christians, etc. better than than any Muslim country ever has done. We even allow those who hate us to enter our country to protest against us. That is Not Apartheid!

How Long Will You Remain Silent?

One of the comments on the blog advised action. I think it is a good suggestion...

Everyone should write a letter to an email or letter to:

 Mr. Kevin Sheehan, President, Norwegian Cruise Lines
7665 Corporate Center Drive
Miami, Fl. 33126


Tell him you were planning to go on a Norwegian Cruise Lines cruise, but because Norwegian Cruise Lines allowed discrimination against Israeli Jews, you are now booking another cruise ship.

~ OR ~

You can just pretend you don't know anything about it...


Anonymous said...

This is nothing new and every sane person could expect, that something like this will happen:
It is widely known that some countries do not accept Israel (and its right to exist) and therefore they do not accept Israeli Passports.

This has nothing to do with religion:
An american/european/russian Jew is permitted to visit Algeria.
However an Israeli Muslim or Christian would not be permitted to visit Algeria.

Orfan said...

It is people like you who are part of the problem. Jews travel on other passports and the treatment is the same, unless they can hide the fact that they are Jews. Trying to say it is only "Israel" is either blatant ignorance, or a cheap cover for anti-semitism.

Anonymous said...

Ups, i did read it again. During my two previous comments i didn't notice that you had been talking about Tunisia. I thought that you had been talking about Algeria. This caused my comment, that "very sane person (have) could expect,(...) this".

While Algeria banns Israeli citizens, Tunesia does only require an visum. An entirely different situation...

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