Thursday, 20 March 2014

Jewish Donors Played for Fools by HIllel...

I'm sure this is already going around, but I urge all to take the time to follow the link to Jewish Press and read the whole story~and share it.

A group of students are currently on the Harvard College Israel Trek 2014. The website states:

The inaugural Harvard College Israel Trek (Spring Break, March 14th-23rd2014) will bring fifty Harvard undergraduate students to Israel in hopes of facilitating a nuanced first encounter with the country, its history, narratives, culture, politics and people. Student participants represent diverse religious, national, and cultural backgrounds, and are all leaders in various capacities on campus.

The Trek is being led by a dynamic team of Israeli undergraduates, and will draw on the narratives of its participants and leaders, placing a special emphasis on fostering meaningful personal relationships. This component will add a unique and personal dimension to this particular Israel experience.

The trip is co-sponsored by Boston’s equivalent of the Jewish Federation~the Combined Jewish Philanthropies~and supported by Harvard’s Hillel. If you do not know of them, you really need to read up on it. In their mission statement, Hillel states:

"Harvard Hillel will foster dialogue with Israel to define the Jewish future"

Many have provided generous support to Hillel for years. So how are the kids on this trip learning to foster dialogue to define the Jewish future? Well, it looks like they decided to pop them over to Ramallah to pay tribute to Yassir Arafat's grave~Yes, that's right, the same Yassir Arafat who made it his life's ambition to destroy all the Jews in Israel. 

First, as an Israeli, I don't want anyone who pays tribute to a murdering terrorist to define my future and second, I will not give a freaking penny to Hillel~Ever! I think it's time people start paying some attention to what their donations are being used for!!

*Hat Tip to Tundra Tabloids Blog for posting this...

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Those kids have no idea whatsoever what life in Israel is about !!!


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