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"Come On, You Old Broads!" by Lisapetniy Battalion

Wild Sense of Humor! Even So~Never Mess With a Ukrainian Woman (Lyrics Below)

Come On, You Old Broads by Lisapetniy (Cowgirl) Battalion (Lyrics)
We're Peaceful Broads, We're Cowgirls, Spring Chickens We Are Not,
 But if Moscow guys invade us, We'll toss 'em in our pot!
Tomorrow we'll go shootin', Tin cans around the town,
We've formed our smart battalion, The Old Broads are comin' down!

Come On! Come On! Come On! We're the Cowgirls' Hot Brigade!
There's millions more just like us, Old Broads for our crusade!
Come On, Old Broads, Come On! Kick up your heels and run!
Defend our peaceful country From morn till setting sun!

We share with my pal Hanka, One body armor vest,
And a German sub-machine gun, My grandpa Pete has blest.
Our ample breasts envelop Ukraine from any raid,
Hey, we're the awesome Cowgirls, We got our own brigade!

Come On! Come On! Come On! We're the Cowgirls' Hot Brigade!
There's millions more just like us, Old Broads for our crusade!
Come On, Old Broads, Come On! Kick up your heels and run!
Defend our peaceful country From morn till setting sun!

Come On! Come On! Come On! We're the Cowgirls' Hot Brigade!
There's millions more just like us, Old Broads for our crusade!
Come On, Old Broads, Come On! Kick up your heels and run!
Defend our peaceful country From morn till setting sun!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Hypocrisy From the Palestinians and Their Supporters

The Hypocrisy of the BDS people (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) is gob-smackingly obvious~so why isn't the world paying attention?

Forget that their leader was not even born in "palestine", or the fact that he studied for his Masters degree at Tel Aviv University (that would be in Israel). Forget the fact that Arabs living in Israel have more rights than they ever have and will ever have in an Arab country. Forget the fact that most "palestinians" want to live in Israel and do not want to be under the PA control. 

Instead, take a close look at the BDS people in action. Listen to their own words. They are not interested in any kind of talks or equality. Their agenda is hate and destroy.

The narrative to the video below states:   
The face of Israeli Apartheid Week: BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) and Palestine Solidarity Campaign who claim to champion human rights, cherish freedom of speech and shout loudly about their quest for justice and reconciliation. Here you see them unmasked for what they really are: hypocrites, playing the two face card

Stop the hypocrisy, stop the lies, how long will the world play into their hands before waking up to reality. The BDS does not work towards peace or reconciliation, they don't even want it. They are driven by hatred and fabricated stories. If you want peace, you wouldn't support terror, you wouldn't encourage racism, you would at the very least agree to have a conversation with what you call "the enemy" when they are right there in front of you...Filmed at University of Cape Town, March 2014. 

"If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. 
Then he becomes your partner"...Nelson Mandela 

Please Listen to The End~This is Why Peace is Impossible

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

URGENT! All Israelis MUST Join the Protest!!

Click on Poster to Enlarge
The only reason the "peace talks" have been attended by the Abbas camp, is to try and force Israel to release all the murderous arab terrorists. There is no intention to honor any agreement!

It is time for us, the citizens of Israel to stand up and put a stop to the grovelling shameful behaviour of this government.

Terrorists who are jailed in Israel for murdering and attacking Jews, are being paid monthly salaries from the "pa". In most cases they receive far more than most Israelis are paid! The funding for this outrage is provided by none other than the EU~and Abbas brags about it!
Enough is Enough!

The time to stop the madness is now! Is it not enough to know that our government has promised to pay the families of the barbaric Turks millions of dollars~because they tried to kill our soldiers and failed? Are we now going to stand by while paid assassins are freed to be honored as heroes then go on to kill again?

Danny Danon has spoken loudly against the release of another group of Terrorists. 
It's time for Everyone to match their voices with his and demand an end to this farce!

Come To The Protest Rally~Stop the Release of Terrorists!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014 at 18:30pm
Opposite the Prime Minister's Residence in Jerusalem
1 Aza Road

An Important Pre-Pesach Message From Your Rabbi...

You Must Watch to the End! By the Way~I've Already Placed My Order!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Jewish Donors Played for Fools by HIllel...

I'm sure this is already going around, but I urge all to take the time to follow the link to Jewish Press and read the whole story~and share it.

A group of students are currently on the Harvard College Israel Trek 2014. The website states:

The inaugural Harvard College Israel Trek (Spring Break, March 14th-23rd2014) will bring fifty Harvard undergraduate students to Israel in hopes of facilitating a nuanced first encounter with the country, its history, narratives, culture, politics and people. Student participants represent diverse religious, national, and cultural backgrounds, and are all leaders in various capacities on campus.

The Trek is being led by a dynamic team of Israeli undergraduates, and will draw on the narratives of its participants and leaders, placing a special emphasis on fostering meaningful personal relationships. This component will add a unique and personal dimension to this particular Israel experience.

The trip is co-sponsored by Boston’s equivalent of the Jewish Federation~the Combined Jewish Philanthropies~and supported by Harvard’s Hillel. If you do not know of them, you really need to read up on it. In their mission statement, Hillel states:

"Harvard Hillel will foster dialogue with Israel to define the Jewish future"

Many have provided generous support to Hillel for years. So how are the kids on this trip learning to foster dialogue to define the Jewish future? Well, it looks like they decided to pop them over to Ramallah to pay tribute to Yassir Arafat's grave~Yes, that's right, the same Yassir Arafat who made it his life's ambition to destroy all the Jews in Israel. 

First, as an Israeli, I don't want anyone who pays tribute to a murdering terrorist to define my future and second, I will not give a freaking penny to Hillel~Ever! I think it's time people start paying some attention to what their donations are being used for!!

*Hat Tip to Tundra Tabloids Blog for posting this...

Does the IRS Employ Al-Qaeda Operatives??

Can Anybody Tell Me Why the USA Does Not Impeach obummer??

The Lubavitcher Rebbe On Syria and Iran

The Rebbe Had Firm Opinions in 1991~If Only Israeli Politicians Would Listen!  

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Reading the Megillah the IDF Way...

For the Megillah We Shake Graggers When Haman is Mentioned~The IDF Does it Best!

Purim 2014~Friends, Mea Shearm Tishes and a Fight?

Click on Photos to Enlarge
In Jerusalem, the first Megillah reading was on Sunday evening. We decided to go to Chabad Rehavia~it was not a good choice. To his credit the rabbi is very energetic and always has many events, among them a marathon of Megillah readings. The problem is, he is too busy trying to get large crowds and in the end it is more about donations and the true purpose of the gathering gets lost. 

For Example:
This past Yom Kippur I went to his service, and came away very upset. He spent a large portion of the day "auctioning" off aliyahs and the privilege of opening the curtains on the ark. My entire Yom Kippur memory is of him saying, "Do I hear another thousand shekel??" The prayers had to be cut short and vidui rushed to be in time for the shofar blowing. There was no spirituality.  

It was not much better at Sunday's Megillah reading. There were way too many people for the small room, and most were standing outside. He did not have a microphone like the past year, and the only ones who heard anything were the people right in front of him~we didn't even know when he was reading. The majority of us just left. I really like Chabad, but I will not go to this rabbi in Rehavia again. He is too much about money.
This Was A Better Megillah Reading

We started the evening on Monday by visiting a favorite rabbi who was having a great party. I was very pleased to see the kids and grandkids in costumes and to listen to the rabbi teaching and everyone singing.

The best place to be on Purim is Mea Shearim. Over the past couple of years it has been getting harder to gain entrance as many outsiders were coming into the area and behaving badly. My friend and I still go, but we stay very low-key and behave.

As we strolled the streets it seemed that the revelers were already well on their way to the point where they couldn't tell Mordechai from Haman. 

We did notice that many were only staggering if they thought someone was watching!

The first stop was at Karlin-Stolin. If you are part of the group you can go into the synagogue and hang out the windows, but this is always so packed I would never bother. Only a few can make it to the front to actually see and hear.
There is really only one place for women to stand~on the street at the top of the stairs. I tried making my way down the stairs in the past but was quickly told that this was for men only. 

It was still early but the crowds were already shuffling for the best view point. 

Even though it was the adults who were trying their best to put on a show, it was the wee kiddies that really make the walk worth while.
There were many children in adorable costumes, ranging from Queen Esther, Vashti and Haman to Cohen Gadolim, and anything you could think of. I noticed this year that many kids had costumes that were "scenes". One girl was dressed as a table set for Purim, another came as a popcorn machine, and one little boy was dressed as a pole with mini-haman and his sons hanging down. It was impossible to catch them on camera~too many people pushing and shoving and rushing!

The people in Mea Shearim really go all out to dress the children and prepare amazing Mishloach Manot~Some that we saw even had small oil paintings with goodies piled in front all wrapped in clear-wrap with bows. 
There are parents who do not like the children to be out after dark, so we saw many families on their balconies watching the comings and goings.

Of course, the only way to travel is on foot. Anyone trying to get a vehicle through the streets was doomed to spend a lot of time "sitting".

Although everyone was carrying a "bottle", or in some cases a "shopping bags and pockets full of bottles" the entire atmosphere was one of fun, and everyone looked like they were having a very good time indeed.

Toldos Aaron has a new synagogue, but they now have so many members that it is impossible to see anything. It is also a very long climb up the stairs for the women!

We peeked in and although this is a favorite of ours, decided to forgo the scrum and moved on to other tishes!
In front of the Breslov synagogue a "NaNa" van pulled up. This is an offshoot group who follow Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

They seem to spend their time driving around the streets, playing music and dancing, in the streets, on their vans, or wherever they find space! They are very upbeat and never fail to draw a crowd of people to join in the fun. Needless to say, traffic in three directions was stopped.

The Rebbe with the Fish Course
The tishes at Toldos Avrohom Yitzchok have always been my favorite. The rebbe really seems to enjoy music and they always have a good band. He is not a young man, but when there is a tish the rebbe will stay through the night!

The tish this year was already in full swing when we made our way to the women's section. 

We were very lucky to get a spot near the windows and had a pretty good view of the band, the men dancing, and of course the rebbe. 

Picture taking is hard because of the one-way glass, and you don't even want to know how many fingerprints there are! Still we did see something.

Just Before the Fracas Started
Almost from the start there seemed to be some sort of altercation in the men's section. There was a man in a red hat who was very determined to make it to the rebbe, and in fact he did get right beside him.

Suddenly an number of others decided he should not be there and the tussle began. I was able to get two short video clips. The first was right at the beginning when they tried to drag the red hat out, and the second was near the end.
Now It Begins!

What I found interesting was the rebbe. Through it all, he continued to beat time to the music, and for all intents and purposes completely ignoring the ballygan! At the end of the second video, he reaches for his mug of wine and takes a little sip~cool as can be.

Although there were women from the group with cameras, a few of them seemed to be keeping an eye on me and my friend as we filmed. I think this was partly because they did not want their faces to appear on someones camera and partly because they don't like outsiders to put their group on display. Or maybe I was just being too self-conscious!

We did have a very good time and came home tired, but happy...Purim Someach!

Toldos Avrohom Yitzchok Tish~and The Fight Has Started!

While the Guys Wrestle, The Rebbe Remains in His Own World

***If you want to see more videos and pictures, go to Shearim blog. She has several posts. Here are the links to some of  her pictures and videos:

And here is a picture that I have no place to put, but I love it. As we were walking around in Mea Shearim we spotted many of these signs. They are starting to appear in religious neighbourhoods where the people avoid things that bring temptation (or something). Basically it is stating that "this house" does not have internet, computers, cell phones, movies, etc.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe On Israel's Roadmap to Peace

Even in 1989 The Rebbe Knew the Truth~Too Bad Our Politicians Still Don't!)

Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Society of Cowards~Giving Away Our Freedom!!

Nobody Else Has the Guts To Say It and Pat Condell Says it Best! Awesome!!

Dancing in Jerusalem~Start Your Week with Music!

My Heart is Dancing in Jerusalem by Sam Glaser (Lyrics Below)

My Heart is Dancing in Jerusalem by Sam Glaser
"God will fulfill your heart's desire, Take you to the place you want to go"
Keep dreaming of the land of your history,

And you're walking the streets before you know

On wings of eagles they took to the sky Not sure how this magic carpet would fly
Then cries of joy at the first Shalom, 50,000 Yemenites coming home

My heart is dancing in Jerusalem

Next came Ezra and Nechemia, Redeeming our brothers of Babylon
2000 years in the shuq of Bagdad, Soon every last soul would come along

Though it seemed impossible to achieve, Morocco's Jews were the next to leave
They're a pillar of the temple of Solomon,

Hear the sound of French ringing through Zion

My heart is dancing in Jerusalem
Soon we'll be dancing in Jerusalem
The whole world dancing in Jerusalem

V'lirushalayim ir'cha 

B'rachamim tashuv
V'tishkon b'tocha
Ka'asher dibarta

Beta Israel watched in awe, From the tribe of Dan in Ethiopia
Slipping through the border of the Sudan, They crossed the desert to reach their land

We marched for the rights of refusnikim, To help them realize their aliyah dream
After 70 years of a living hell, See the celebration when that curtain fell

My heart is dancing in Jerusalem
Soon we'll be dancing in Jerusalem
The whole world dancing in Jerusalem
Your heart is dancing in Jerusalem
Time to come home to Jerusalem

"And to Jerusalem, Your city, may You return in compassion,

and may You rest within it, as You have spoken"

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Pop Star to Torah~A Rabbi Brings Light Through Music

I am a lover of Jewish and Israeli music and keep an ear open for new songs and singers.

Here is an interesting story about a French singer, who was known as Gilberto (Aaron) Sitbon

Thirty years ago, while in his twenties, Gilbert Sitbon was at the height of his career when he decided to turn away from music to study Torah full time. A major decision on his part, as he was one of the top singers in France with many top songs to his credit. His records had also gained popularity all through Europe.

Sitbon became a Chabad Hassid and began spending his time between France and Jerusalem, Israel. From the time he made the choice to study, he put his guitar away. Over the years he consistently refused all offers to return to the music industry.

As the story is told, Rabbi Sitbon couldn't sleep one night. He kept hearing a beautiful tune playing over and over in his mind, and he just could not forget it. He knew the tune! In fact, it was one that had been originally composed by another French singer, and his friend, Michel Fogan.

Still unable to sleep, Sitbon found his old guitar in the basement and began to sing the words for Adon Olam to the tune. The result is the beautiful video below. (For those who are interested the lyrics follow the video). The video itself, follows the rabbi as he uncovers his guitar, looks back on old memories, then follows his daily life in Jerusalem.

Adon Olam is the final prayer of the Musaf service on Shabbat morning and Festivals. It is also found in the bedtime prayers and is recited on one’s deathbed. The next to last line of Adon Olam is a request that God watch over one’s soul as they sleep. The conclusion of Adon Olam mentions God’s presence and ability to bring reassurance to the people. The piyut is supposedly composed by Rabbi Shlomo ben Yehuda ibn Gvirol, but many sources claim the author is unknown.

Quoting from Arutz 7, Rabbi Sitbon said:
"The piyut (liturgical poem) Adon Olam is a piyut about accepting the yoke of the Creator's kingdom; He is the one and only, the helper and redeemer...If a single Jew finds the connection to his Creator through the song, that will be my reward."

I think many Jews will indeed find a connection, and many more will be drawn to this beautiful tune as Rabbi Sitbon takes his place among the observant Jews who bring light to the world through music. Welcome back Rabbi Aharon Sitbon~May you continue to light up the world with your music!

Rabbi Aharon Sitbon Sings Adom Olam ~אדון עולם - אהרון סיטבון

אַדוֹן עוֹלָם

Master of the Universe
The Lord of the Universe who reigned before anything was created.
When all was made by his will He was acknowledged as King.

And when all shall end He still all alone shall reign.
He was, He is, and He shall be in glory.

And He is one, and there's no other, to compare or join Him.
Without beginning, without end and to Him belongs diminion and power.

And He is my G-d, my living G-d. to Him I flee in time of grief,
and He is my miracle and my refuge, who answers the day I shall call.

To Him I commit my spirit, in the time of sleep and awakening,
even if my spirit leaves, G-d is with me, I shall not fear.

Monday, 10 March 2014

What Does the Iranian Threat Look Like??

Click on Map for Full Size
I just stumbled upon a great set of maps that everyone needs to look at. One in particular is very unique. The Blog states:

Imagine if Gaza terrorists were your neighbors and could shoot this rocket at your home. We created an app to help you put Iran’s threat in perspective. Type in your home town and it will show you just how far these rockets can reach.

The map I refer to is pictured to the left, but in order to interact you will have to go to the site.

Type in the name of your city (any city~I tried it) and see how far reaching the the danger area is. The map shows the reach of the M-302 rocket, the very ones found aboard the Klos-C this past week.

There were a lot of nay-Sayers who tried to make lite of a shipment of these types of weapons. They are a very real and present danger~Israeli citizens are all too familiar with rockets falling on a regular basis! Remember, Israel is the target today...but it will not be the last target. Look around the world, Islam is encroaching everywhere, and where the citizens don't submit willingly, force, and terror is used.

If you want to understand what the Iranian threat looks like, then click to go to This Page on The IDF Blog. Scroll to the second map, (looks just like the one above) and type in the name of a city.  
Now you know...

Want to Know About Real Prejudice and Apartheid??

Just when you think people are getting smarter something like this happens.

As reported in Algemeiner, a cruise ship from Norway, Norwegian Cruise Lines, made a stop in Tunisia. All the passengers prepared to disembark, however, the Israelis (Jews) on board were (quietly) told that they were not welcome in Tunisia and would be confined to the ship. 

The passengers in question had not been advised of this prior to purchasing their tickets, and no announcements were made (ie) the other passengers had no idea of the "selection" that was taking place.

That a Muslim country forbids Jews from entering is not news, but the way that Norwegian Cruise Lines handled the situation is inexcusable! They knew in advance, and Jewish passengers should have been advised at the time of booking. As well, all passengers should have been advised that this type of "selection" was going on.

My Question:  
What would the reaction have been if a "Palestinian", or any other Muslim had been told they would not be allowed to disembark??

This is the type of thing that began before the Shoah. The world says "never again", but an honest look around in any country will confirm this is not a one-of situation. How long will people remain silent, turn aside and hang their heads, pretend they don't see what is happening on a daily basis?

The screams around the world say Israel is "Apartheid", even though the fact is we treat our minority citizens, Muslims, Druze, Christians, etc. better than than any Muslim country ever has done. We even allow those who hate us to enter our country to protest against us. That is Not Apartheid!

How Long Will You Remain Silent?

One of the comments on the blog advised action. I think it is a good suggestion...

Everyone should write a letter to an email or letter to:

 Mr. Kevin Sheehan, President, Norwegian Cruise Lines
7665 Corporate Center Drive
Miami, Fl. 33126


Tell him you were planning to go on a Norwegian Cruise Lines cruise, but because Norwegian Cruise Lines allowed discrimination against Israeli Jews, you are now booking another cruise ship.

~ OR ~

You can just pretend you don't know anything about it...

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