Sunday, 9 February 2014

Peace? Not Possible With Those Who Hate!

This Shabbos we had lovely weather, so I decided to walk over to visit a friend in the afternoon. She lives in a lovely, quiet neighbourhood (at least from the front). Walk to the back and look at the view from her balcony and it is a different story! 

People are always accusing Israelis (Jews) of not wanting peace. I have news for you~it is not the Jews who go around slashing tires, throwing rocks at cars and window, abusing small animals and, oh yes, the latest...blowing up vehicles. 

My friend, who wrote about the incident on Shearim, was startled awake on Friday night by a loud boom around midnight. Looking out the window she saw a burning vehicle, police, fire, and assorted people who were also "blasted" awake. This is the norm for Friday nights in this area. This is what Jews live with. The irony here is that it garnered not even a one-line mention~by anyone! Let's flip the tables and think about the outcry if Jews had blown up an Arab vehicle...The entire world would be down our necks accusing the Jews of being apartheid, nazis, and every other evil thing that they could think of. Oh, by the way, there are many "UN" people living in the area~yet not a word will they say against the real perpetrators and not a word of defense for the real victims!

When will the world wake up? It is not Jews who are attacking every day! It is Arab Muslims. I specify Muslim because there are many Arab Christians in Israel and they Do Not attack and destroy. Rather, these are peaceful people who have businesses and whose children go to school and even serve in the IDF. 
In Israel, Muslims dressed in any way they wish, walk where ever they please. Jews, on the other hand risk a lynching if they turn down the wrong street~even in Israel proper! I am sick to death of the world stupidity and the constant condemnation of Israel. 

The Muslims have been saying for years that they want "All Jews Dead"~just what part of that declaration to you Not Understand?? 

Peace? The only way to have peace is for the Muslim world to decide to join the modern world. The Muslim world must put aside hate and educate their children to learn to accept those who are different. Short of that, there is no hope. So, to the world, the EU, UN and everyone else (including all you self-hating lefty Jews)...if you want peace in the Middle East, stop demonizing Israel and start facing the truth. Then we may have a chance...

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