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PA Demands a State on Israeli Land~Here's an Answer...

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There have been calls for a "palestinian state for the arabs" for decades. What has been conspicuously ignored is the fact that it is the Arabs themselves, who have continuously refused every offer (that would allow Israel to exit).

The arguments on this subject are endless, and one can find many excuses for failures to reach peace. It is my personal opinion that Israel itself is also part of the problem. As a country, we seem to go out of our way to try to "please the world". Some call it the remnant of the "Ghetto Jew" that is in us all. 

Israel's history of "giving" to satisfy the nations, has in fact back fired on us. We are in an endless circle of the more we give, the more the nations demand. While the world concentrates on "what Israel needs to concede", there is a permanent blind eye to the fact that the PA has "given absolutely nothing".
The greatest example is the demand that Israel not be allowed to remain a Jewish State (that's a bad thing), but the "palestinian state" will not have a single Jew step foot on it~And that is not a bad thing??
The other problem is with our own politicians who have been sucked into the void and spend their time trying to work out "how much we can give" without committing suicide! 

They have turned their backs on our heritage. Our own Prime Minister is too afraid to lose his position to stand up to anyone~he waffles and makes speeches, but in the end does not do anything. Our government is doing everything in it's power to erase Judaism from this country so the nations will think them progressive. They serve (and eat) treif food, make a mockery of Shabbat, and try to suppress anything related to Judaism~our own Prime Minister's son is dating a non-Jew! Meanwhile, these same "politicians" give Islam and other faiths top priority and respect! 

In "every country" not only their own lands, Muslims demand to have all of their barbaric religious customs accepted. Lo and behold, the world is bending their knee and giving way. (Something they will one day regret). Israel, with all of it's "giving" to better the world is blamed for "everything that goes wrong".

There is a lesson in this. How can we expect anyone to respect us when we ourselves won't? I could go on, but that is for another post.

In years past we had weak governments, but on some issues there were men who took a strong stand. During the late 1970's when German Chancellor Helmut Schmit insisted on the creation of a "palestinian state on Israeli lands", Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, had something to say.

If only our own politicians had the balls to speak up with this kind of courage today.

Israel Prime Minister Menachem Begin~Crooked Noses...

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