Monday, 10 February 2014

Israel "Brings" Gold to the Sochi Olympic Games...

Are you following the Sochi Olympic Games? Are you actually lucky enough to be there? Are you having just a bit of trouble finding the times of the events, communicating or finding your way around the venues??

One Israeli company can and will help you~for Free! The company is One Hour Translation, and they have released an App for users of Twitter

They will provide a professional, Free Translation in Seventy Languages~within one hour~for the duration of the Sochi Olympic games~seriously.

The App is drawing attention from many sources such as Tech Investor News, and many others around the world, and has made the "top five apps list" at the Telegraph UK.

Arutz 7 online states:

To gain real-time translations, users simply need to tweet @OHT with an image or phrase to be translated~eg. "Where is the skating rink? English->Russian @OHT"~and the company will reply instantly with a translation from a professional translator. 

Once again, Israel steps up to make things just a bit easier. I have to say it~to all the Israel bashers and BDS (boycotters) around he world...
Boycott This!

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