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Amir Benayoun's "Postcard" to MK Ahmed Tibi~Priceless!

I have posted articles about Amir Benayoun in the past. He is a very well known, and well loved singer-song writer in Israel. He is a musician of the people.

In the post "Music With a Message", I included three very moving songs:

* We Are Brothers~against Israelis who are viciously attacking our country (includes and English translation);

* Dust Yourself Off~a song he performed with the Itamar Perchey Yoav Childrens's Choir, for the Shloshim of the five members of the Fogel family who were slaughtered by "PA" terrorists (based on a verse that Ruth Fogel quoted when they were being expelled from Gush Katif "Shake off the dust. Arise! Put on your splendid clothes, my nation!"~See the video with 12-year old Tamar at the end of this post); and

* Zini~in Arabic, which became popular with the Syrian opposition forces (they actually requested him to record it in Arabic~which he did).

In 2013 he performed his song, "Standing at the Gate" for an open air concert outside the Ma’arat HaMachpela in Hevron.

Only the day before Amir had an emotional meeting with 85-year-old Shlomo Slonim~ The "Sole" surviving son of Eliezer Dan and Hannah Slonim~slain with his brother in the Hevron Massacre of 1929.

A Jew of Algerian heritage, Amir Benayoun writes songs that speak to the heart of the people. He is not afraid of controversy and this is reflected in his music. His latest tune is in the form of a "Satirical Postcard" to MK Ahmed Tibi of the Knesset.

Tibi is well known for his "hate" of Israel, even though he is a Knesset member. He praises our enemies and served as a political advisor to the late PA president and former leader of the terror group PLO, Yasser Arafat. That Tibi can sit in Israel calling for her downfall says much for the tolerance of our country. Anyplace else (especially his beloved "arab" run countries) would have him jailed or put to death. Yet, Israel lets him speak.

After Tibi's latest (of many, many) outbursts~insulting and screaming lies before the Prime Minister of Canada, and screaming bloody murder when it was suggested that his town be handed over to the PA to rule (Tibi prefers his soft life as an Israeli citizen~he knows he will never have it this good under the PA), Amir Benayoun composed and recorded this song.

Benayoun wrote this dedication to Tibi:
"Dear Ahmed, given the talk about Jews living under Palestinian sovereignty, it appears you and Bibi have had great success. Allow me to send you a song. 
Lovingly, Amir."

The postcard in the video states (sarcastically):
"Since my childhood, I have had three unrequited ambitions: 
One, to become a D.J., second to become a standup comedian and third to sing in a group that performs Arab folk songs. And now, at last, G-d has given me the opportunity to fulfill all three at once."

Amir Benayoun's music speaks to us all. You can listen to more of his music on YouTube.

 Amir Benayoun's Postcard to Ahmed Tibi~צי מ~עמיר בניון  ארולדתי

Tamar Fogel Speaking After the Slaughter of Her Family in Itamar

* Article on Amir Benayoun's "Postcard" Originally posted by Arutz7

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