Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Israel Shame~On Chanukah!

I love my country, but there are many times when I struggle to understand the galut mindset of some of our people!

Each evening during Chanukah, as we light candles and sing the traditional songs, the children's bright eyes and smiling faces are a joy to behold. This is our history, the reminder of a miracle~the Miracle of Light.

In 2011, the children of Mevasseret Adumim built a giant Chanukiah on a hillside. The filled paper bags with sand then placed candles inside.  When all the bags were arranged and the candles lit, the hillside was filled with the light of Chanukah.

Again, this year, on 02 December 2013, the children went to the hill to build their project. This time, thirty minutes after the candles were lit, the police came and stamped out the light! To think that in the only Jewish country in the world, Jewish police would destroy a Chanukah project during the celebration of Chanukah! You really can't make this stuff up! Whoever ordered this should be named and shamed.

I find this particularly abhorrent when just a few days ago we had to witness Bibi and his tacky wife bowing and scraping at the vatican before the pope. The pope of all people! The head of the group that has persecuted the Jews since its inception and still sides with our enemies! That our PM could behave in such a manner while Jewish children witness the destruction of their Chanukah project is (add your own expletive)

Jews wonder why the world continues to take the side of terrorists over Israel~I think it has a lot to do with self-respect (or a lack thereof) on our part. Who can respect a country that rushes to bow before idols while destroying their own traditions? How can we expect people to recognize our historic homeland when we have a fifth column in our own government doing everything they can to erase our history? All the Jews who fought and died for this country over three thousands years must be weeping with shame. During this week~the time of Miracles~to be witness to Jewish Police stamping out the Lights of Chanukah in front of Children is beyond shame and disgrace! There are no words...

The Giant Chanukiah from 2011

The Chanukiah in 2013~Lit for Thirty Minutes Until the Police Destroyed It

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