Thursday, 28 November 2013

IDF Returns From the Philippines for Chanukah

The IDF Operation “Islands of Hope” delegation left Israel with approximately 100 tons of supplies and medical aid along with 150 trained staff to supply aid to the people of the Philippines after the horrors of Typhoon Haiyan

They remained for twelve days. During that time they saw 2,686 patients, performed 60 surgeries, treated 848 children and helped with 36 births. They did much more as the clip below shows. The IDF aid delegation to the Philippines returned to Israel on 27 November 2013, the first night of Chanukah.

These professionals do their best and give their all to help anyone in need. At home, in Israel, we take in all who are in need of help, like the tiny granddaughter of  Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh (whose agenda is to destroy us), and increasing numbers Syrian citizens who approach our borders looking for medical treatment. We also treat citizens of the PA on a daily basis, just walk through our hospitals and look around. For those with inquiring minds~in almost all cases Israel foots the bill for Palestinians seeking treatment.

Yet, anytime Israel is mentioned it is to criticize, claiming that we are "exploiting" a disaster, trying to "whitewash" ourselves, or even the old blood-libel of "organ theft". Why is it that every other country is praised for sending aid and we are condemned?

I always have been proud of the IDF! Although Israel is a tiny country, reviled around the word, whenever disaster strikes IDF Without Borders is ready to lend a hand. To get an idea of where they have deployed to help over the years, follow this LINK to a scrolling world map showing all the places the IDF has visited. On the side you can read descriptions of each mission. It is interesting, inspiring and educational. 

It is my prayer that people will try to view Israel and our citizens with the same "eye" that they see other countries. There are certainly a lot of scoundrels (like in every country), but the heart of the Jewish people is full of giving and the desire to care for our fellow man.

For More Information on the Delegation to the Philippines Go To the IDF Blog

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