Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Should Nir Barkat Be RE-Elected as Mayor of Jerusalem?

This information was sent to me in an email. Everyone who has voter status in Jerusalem needs to think carefully~We Must Not Elect Barkat! Barkat is great at catering to the very rich, but he is driving the ordinary people out of Jerusalem. Housing and jobs are a disaster. Illegals are flowing in, Shabbos is being desecrated and it is unsafe even on Shabbos to walk home alone after dark. As elections run today, please Think...

If Jerusalem is important you, you need to think about whether Nir Barkat should be re-elected. It's time we elect a mayor that can take care of Jerusalem and keep it an undivided Jewish city. Here are a few facts that give a better picture of the real Nir Barkat.

[1] As mayor of Jerusalem, Ehud Olmert demolished more than 100 illegal Arab homes per year. Uri Lupolianski demolished  around 80 per year. In his 3 years as mayor, Nir Barkat has demolished an average of 11 per year and~in contrast, Nir Barkat destroyed  66 illegal Jewish Homes in 2012 alone!

[2] A plan for 10,000 Jewish housing units in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Atarot was jointly planned by Uri Lupolianski and the infrastructure ministry. But Nir Barkat shelved the plan.

[3] The Shaar Hamizrach project envisioned by Shmuel Meir z"l and supported by both Olmert and Lupolianski, was trumpeted by Nir Barkat during his campaign as "a solution for students and young people in Jerusalem who have been hard-hit by the shortage of affordable housing in the city". The area was rezoned as a garbage dump a year after Barkat took office.

[4] In 2011, the city of Jerusalem allocated municipal funds to supply Christmas trees to residents. The giveaway was announced by several Santas ringing bells at the Jaffa gate of the Old City.

[5] Barkat appointed Meir Margalit (Meretz) as head of East Jerusalem affairs. Margalit represents the most extreme leftist fringe in Israel. Appointing Margalit to this position indicates that Nir Barkat trusts him to carry out his own vision for East Jerusalem.

[6] Religious Zionist voters are tired of politicians that put on a right wing Zionist costume before the elections. This is what Barkat did during his last campaign and he will do it again. He was head of Kadimah Jerusalem during the "Disengagement" and is advancing plans to hand over Jerusalem neighborhoods to the PA. This is the first time that a mayor of Jerusalem has agreed to surrender entire neighborhoods!

[7] Nir Barkat periodically makes gestures that are spun as "Pro-religious Zionist" such as his move to have a Zionist Chief Rabbi appointed. In the end, he's motivated more by hatred of Haman (Hareidim) than by love of Mordechai (Religious Zionism).

[8] Nir Barkat has his minions calling people in a certain age bracket and offering to pick them up to drive them to the polling station if they will vote for Barkat. He is one of the richest politicians in Israel~money talks, and buys votes.

So when you listen to what Nir Barkat says, remember what he's done. He'll say anything to get our vote. We don't need that kind of mayor. We need someone we can trust to do the right thing even when they aren't campaigning; someone who does the right thing, just because it's the right thing to do.

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