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The Birth of the Israeli Air Force

The only FOUR (4) Airplanes Israel had when Israel's War of Independence (May 1948) began, were smuggled from Czech Republic. 

They were German "Messerschmitt BF-109's." They were assembled overnight in Tel Aviv and were never flight tested. 

 Contrary to popular perception (by the people who do not know history), the United States' assistance to Israel during the War of Independence was quite different. 

Americans were not allowed to join the fight and an arms embargo had been established and enforced by the FBI. At the same time Arab armies were very well supplied by the same countries who maintained arms embargo against Israel and of course had great advantage in manpower. 

 This is a short video about their pilots. Watch it. You will not be disappointed.

In The Beginning There Was Nothing~Look at Us Now! Gd Bless the IDF!!

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