Wednesday, 28 August 2013

2 Million Bikers to Ride to DC on 9-11-2013~So Awesome!!

Go To:  2 Million Bikers to DC Facebook Page
I just read this in an old Weasel Zippers post. He said to pass it on and I do so with joy. The story began after the announcement of a 9/11 Million Muslim March to take place this year (What a Chutzpah!). Many people were outraged that the deaths of so many Americans were being sidelined by Muslims crying that they are being picked on.

Enter in "The Bikers". Time and again we have seen many examples of biker club members stepping up to the mark, whether it is to ride alongside the coffin of a returning war hero, or standing in between those who would desecrate funerals and the grieving families. Now, once again, bikers have stepped up to the mark and declared that they will "ride" on DC and stand up for America, the flag and freedom. How awesome is that!!

There is a Facebook Page that you can visit and it looks like many people are doing just that! So, if you are in America at the time, plan to join in, or if not, perhaps you can go to their Facebook Page. I saw that there are people asking how to donate to help bikers without finances make the trip and I'm sure there are other ways to support the cause.

Note: I have shamelessly borrowed the pictures from Weasel Zippers and the 2 Million Bikers to DC Facebook Page. I do so only to promote this great undertaking and urge everyone to do the same!

Please Pass It On!

 Honor The Fallen...

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