Friday, 30 August 2013

The Fastest Ambulance in the World...

When he was six, Eli Beer witnessed a bus bombing in Jerusalem on his way home from school. Right then he decided to take a career that saved lives. At age fifteen, he took an EMT course and began volunteering on an ambulance. Sadly, he discovered that, when someone truly needed fast medical attention, the ambulance just wasn't able to get there in time because of traffic, distance and other delaying factors. 

At age seventeen he organized a group of EMTs who also worried about lives lost through delays. They began to listen to police scanners and rush to the scene when medical help was needed in their neighborhood. Thus began United Hatzalah, which is Hebrew for “Rescue”. Twenty-five years later, the organization has more than 2,000 volunteers and has helped more than 200,000 people in the past year alone. Eli Beer is United Hatzalah’s president.

Beer has responded to some of the worst civil, wartime and terror-related incidents. In 2010, he was named Social Entrepreneur of the Year in Israel by the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship and, two years later, became a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. Married with five children, when Beer is not saving lives or guiding United Hatzalah, he manages the family real estate company, Beer Realty.

This is the Fastest Ambulance in the World!

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Smile Time Again...

I Could Not Leave Out Cat Lovers...Eerily, This Is So True!

The Mother of All Demos~Douglas Carl Engelbart

If you are in a certain age group you will remember what it was like before Bill Gates and Steve Jobs came out of their backyard garages. Many can't remember that far back, or for that matter "believe" that there was a "before"  and that there were "others". In the movie Pirates of Silicone Valley the plot is about~and concentrates on~Gates and Jobs as they battle for supremacy.

One of the key scenes is when Gates sees a demo of a working "mouse" at Apple headquarters. Dramatic, but neither of the pair were the true founders of the mouse. 

That honour goes to a man who was among the first to make inroads into computers and communications (and who is almost unknown) Douglas Carl Engelbart (30 January 1925 to  02 July 2013)

He is not only responsible for the first computer mouse, but many of the concepts that make up our current technological society. You can learn about this amazing man, his inventions and how his legacy continues at the Doug Engelbart Institute.

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) funded the development of the Douglas Engelbart's NLS (oN Line System) computer system and The Mother of All Demos.

On 09 December 1968 Douglas Engelbart gave his "demo" in San Francisco, that is now known as The Mother of All Demos. The presentation ran for almost two hours. During that time he introduced experimental computer technologies that are now considered commonplace, but at the time were amazing.

It was a "live" demonstration that featured the introduction of the computer mouse, video conferencing, teleconferencing, hypertext, word processing, hypermedia, object addressing and dynamic file linking, bootstrapping, and a collaborative real-time editor.

It is almost impossible to grasp the enormity of the headway that one man,  Douglas Engelbart made so many years ago. Working with his teams, he was able to see the future possibilities of technology, imagine how they would work, and actually build and put them to use. Here are a few items that came out of his labs...
Below is the full demo, and yes, the first minutes are slow and there are parts that some may not be able to understand. You can watch an annotated version in thirty-five clips, with pictures at the Stanford Mouse Site. For those of us who started out before Windows and Apple, and the plethora of systems programs now available, this is not only nostalgic, but remains amazing! A man far ahead of his time, Engelbart believed the future lay in collaborative, networked, timeshare (client-server) computers. Incredibly, the younger, up and coming programmers rejected his ideas in favor of the personal computer! The brilliant mind of Douglas Engelbart has left us many great things and his institute continues in his footsteps...

 The Mother of All Demos~Douglas Carl Engelbart (30 January 1925 to 02 July 2013)

Time to Smile...

For All of You Who Are Dog Lovers~This is Priceless...

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Martin Luther King~I Have a Dream (28 August 1963)

These Words Will Be Heard As Long As There Are People Who Can Hear...

When we let freedom ring,
When we let it ring from every village and every hamlet,
From every state and every city,
We will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children,
Black men and White men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics,
Will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual,
"Free at last! Free at Last! Thank God Almighty, we are Free at Last!"

2 Million Bikers to Ride to DC on 9-11-2013~So Awesome!!

Go To:  2 Million Bikers to DC Facebook Page
I just read this in an old Weasel Zippers post. He said to pass it on and I do so with joy. The story began after the announcement of a 9/11 Million Muslim March to take place this year (What a Chutzpah!). Many people were outraged that the deaths of so many Americans were being sidelined by Muslims crying that they are being picked on.

Enter in "The Bikers". Time and again we have seen many examples of biker club members stepping up to the mark, whether it is to ride alongside the coffin of a returning war hero, or standing in between those who would desecrate funerals and the grieving families. Now, once again, bikers have stepped up to the mark and declared that they will "ride" on DC and stand up for America, the flag and freedom. How awesome is that!!

There is a Facebook Page that you can visit and it looks like many people are doing just that! So, if you are in America at the time, plan to join in, or if not, perhaps you can go to their Facebook Page. I saw that there are people asking how to donate to help bikers without finances make the trip and I'm sure there are other ways to support the cause.

Note: I have shamelessly borrowed the pictures from Weasel Zippers and the 2 Million Bikers to DC Facebook Page. I do so only to promote this great undertaking and urge everyone to do the same!

Please Pass It On!

 Honor The Fallen...

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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Muslim IDF Soldier Watches Over Israel's Gaza Border

Israel is a country that can truly be called a melting pot. At any given time one can walk down a main street and see people from around the world~all are speaking Hebrew, and all are Israeli. Israelis are not only Jews. They are also Arab, Bedouin and Druze~all living together (for the most part) in harmony. In fact, many people are not aware of it, but when Israeli's held a protest on the Gaza border for the release of Gilad Shalit~during Ramadan~on a stifling hot day~there were Bedouins marching with them, carrying huge signs calling for the release of the young Israeli soldier. This is Israel!

The world media portrays only the negative, the horrors that they dig up for their garish headlines. What they fail to perceive and publish is the day to day living of the majority of Israelis who only want to earn a living, raise a family and enjoy life. 

One such example is twenty-four year old Staff Sergeant Ahmed Inaim, a Bedouin soldier who guards the Gaza border for Israel. Staff Sgt. Inaim's IDF service runs in the family. His brother, who was an IDF soldier, was killed in combat several years ago. Then, in 2006, another of Ahmed's brothers was injured when Hamas terrorists attacked Israel and kidnapped Gilad Shalit.

Despite his family's sacrifices, Staff Sgt. Inaim is determined to serve his country. This young man is an example of everything that is right. Hopefully, there will come a day when young Israelis will not have to go out each day and risk their lives. One day, the guns will be put away and people will be able to "get on with living".  Kol HaKavod to this brave young man. I keep him in my prayers, because I know that if not for him and his IDF comrades, I would not be able to live my live without fear...

This is an Interview with Staff Sergeant Ahmed Inaim~A Wonderful Young Man!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Bibi Still Knows How to Throw a One-Liner

I am no fan of Benjamin Netanyahu, but the fact is, he always was, and still is a good speaker. 

Today in the Knesset, he spoke words, that, had they come from a PM with real conviction and back bone I would have stood up and cheered. The truth is, he is only good at "speaking" but when it comes to "doing"...well, that is another story.

As is normal in our Knesset, the Arab and Jewish MK's are always at each other's throats. I do not object to Arabs being in the Knesset, what I do object to is their calling for the destruction of Israel and supporting terrorists like Hamas. Currently they are no more than termites, eating away at our country.

Arab MK Zahalkacommented:
“Since the referendum is over occupied territory, what applies is international law, and therefore the national referendum should be a binational referendum." [The truth is that under international law Judea and Samaria are Israeli land~but I'll post more on that another time]

Jewish MK Moti Yogev retorted back: 
“The Land of Israel belongs to the nation of Israel and you are the foreigners here!” [Finally, someone with the balls to speak truthfully!]

MK Zahalka replied: 
"We were here before you. I was here before you. And we will be here after you! So stop dreaming.” [This is the Arab lie, told so often that they now believe it to be so!]

PM Netanyahu requested that he be allowed to reply to MK Zahalka (an action he rarely takes). Once at the podium he said (more or less):
“I did not intended to speak. But I heard the statement by MK Zahalka. You said:
'We were here before you...and we will be here after you.'  
 "The First Part is Not True~
...And the Second Part Will Not Happen”

A great come-back. That is what an Israeli PM should sound like! Now, Mr. Netanyahu~Please take some spine stiffening medication and tell the EU, US and the rest of the world that we will not concede one inch of our land~Not Now~Not Ever! Fat chance it would ever happen, but I still believe in miracles, so...

* The story is posted on Arutz 7

Here is the Exchange (In Hebrew)

There Will Never Be Peace with the "fakestinians"

This is a Very Good Summary of the Facts...Do Listen and Think!

Who's Afraid of Free Speech?

Pat Condell is Always A Good Listen~Now You Can Buy the Books...HERE

Treblinka: The Dark Heart of the Nazi Holocaust

Each Stone Represents the Elimination of an Entire Town...
The site described as "The Dark Heart of the Nazi Holocaust", Treblinka, was built to be an extermination camp, where over 800,000 Polish Jews perished. It was not created to "hold" people, rather to process them through to death as quickly as possible. 
Under the camp commander, Franz Stangl, ten gas chambers, that would work simultaneously, were constructed. Stangl was nicknamed "The White Death" because he was fond of wearing a crisp white uniform to walk through the camp. Some say he would change his boots as much as three times per day. He would proudly recall how he could "process" an entire train load between his breakfast at 7am and lunch at midday~an average of 6,000 Jews. It is said that more humans were killed in Treblinka in 1942 than at any other place in the history of mankind.

Treblinka is the "forgotten camp". When the final gassing was over the entire camp was ploughed under. It was planted with trees and a Ukranian guard was set up as a farmer~to give the impression that "nothing had happened" and also to keep people out. When he finally left, the townspeople flooded the site looking for gold and valuables, but what they found was decomposing bodies. 

Two men, Samuel Willenberg and Kalman Taigman, were slave labourers who managed to escape in the dramatic camp revolt of August 1943. They are the last ones who can bear final witness to the terrible crimes that took place. The film below documents their amazing stories and the tragic fate of their families, and offers new insights into a forgotten death camp. Their story is a testamony to unimaginable cruelty and barbarity that humans are capable of. We must remember, that even though the Nazis were defeated, there are still many others who are rushing to follow in the footsteps of evil.

When the Islamic world calls Jews the descendents of apes and pigs, when they call for a Holocaust to finish what Hitler started, when their koran demands they "kill the Jews~all of them", I believe that they are serious. I believe this because every day in this country there is an attack. In the name of political correctness the media remains silent, but the attacks do happen and they are becoming more frequent. The lies and the fabricated "Islamic" history being foisted on liberal world have one purpose~to obliterate the Jews in their quest to establish a world caliphate or umah. They do not hide their intentions and speak of it daily on radio, TV, Internet and mosques. Ignore them at your own peril...

A Tale of Two Survivors

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