Wednesday, 3 July 2013

What Country Would Arrest You For "Re-Tweeting"?

I have followed the changes in Europe and North America and what I see is very disturbing.

There are more than enough stories in the daily news and blogs to make one's hair stand on end~Many fall apart once the facts are known. On the other hand, there are things going on that are just downright mind boggling. 
It's  not news that Tommy Robinson of the EDL gets death threats (nasty ones too) on a daily basis. He regularly points this out in interviews. What is more surprising is that the police appear take no interest, or action at all. His wife and children are threatened and he is basically on his own. Meanwhile, the Islamists of the UK, (like hate preacher Anjem Choudary) can call for killing British citizens and other such things, and he is provided with police protection. What Gives?

Now I read this most interesting story at Vlad Tepes BlogAccording to the latest, British police are now monitoring Twitter, and you can be arrested for "Re-Tweeting". In particular, Tommy Robinson posted on twitter: "@Bedspolice just called me to say don't retweet death threats or I'd be arrested as they cause people distress". What? And the death threats to him and his family are not distressing? Here is the video from Vlad Tepes:

There Are Just No Words !

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