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Treblinka: The Dark Heart of the Nazi Holocaust

Each Stone Represents the Elimination of an Entire Town...
The site described as "The Dark Heart of the Nazi Holocaust", Treblinka, was built to be an extermination camp, where over 800,000 Polish Jews perished. It was not created to "hold" people, rather to process them through to death as quickly as possible. 
Under the camp commander, Franz Stangl, ten gas chambers, that would work simultaneously, were constructed. Stangl was nicknamed "The White Death" because he was fond of wearing a crisp white uniform to walk through the camp. Some say he would change his boots as much as three times per day. He would proudly recall how he could "process" an entire train load between his breakfast at 7am and lunch at midday~an average of 6,000 Jews. It is said that more humans were killed in Treblinka in 1942 than at any other place in the history of mankind.

Treblinka is the "forgotten camp". When the final gassing was over the entire camp was ploughed under. It was planted with trees and a Ukranian guard was set up as a farmer~to give the impression that "nothing had happened" and also to keep people out. When he finally left, the townspeople flooded the site looking for gold and valuables, but what they found was decomposing bodies. 

Two men, Samuel Willenberg and Kalman Taigman, were slave labourers who managed to escape in the dramatic camp revolt of August 1943. They are the last ones who can bear final witness to the terrible crimes that took place. The film below documents their amazing stories and the tragic fate of their families, and offers new insights into a forgotten death camp. Their story is a testamony to unimaginable cruelty and barbarity that humans are capable of. We must remember, that even though the Nazis were defeated, there are still many others who are rushing to follow in the footsteps of evil.

When the Islamic world calls Jews the descendents of apes and pigs, when they call for a Holocaust to finish what Hitler started, when their koran demands they "kill the Jews~all of them", I believe that they are serious. I believe this because every day in this country there is an attack. In the name of political correctness the media remains silent, but the attacks do happen and they are becoming more frequent. The lies and the fabricated "Islamic" history being foisted on liberal world have one purpose~to obliterate the Jews in their quest to establish a world caliphate or umah. They do not hide their intentions and speak of it daily on radio, TV, Internet and mosques. Ignore them at your own peril...

A Tale of Two Survivors

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