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The Chabad Rebbe~Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Tuesday, 11 June 2013 (03 Tammuz 5773), marked the 19th Anniversary of the passing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. To this day he remains a mighty force in the Chabad community and the Jewish world at large.

Jews traveling almost anyplace in the world can find a Chabad House where they will be received warmly and cared for as members of a family.

One does not have to be at all religious~as far as Chabad is concerned, a Jew is a Jew~and they open their doors to all. This was the way of the Rebbe and his emissaries follow his direction until now.

Whether you love the Rebbe or hate him, with over 4,500 schluchim (envoys) around the world, nobody can deny the impact of the Chabad Lubavitch outreach and the work of the Rebbe. It is not only Jews affected~the impact of the Rebbe includes non-Jews (both religious and secular) as well.

A Rebbe Story~As Told to Me By a Very Dear Friend:
When "L" entered into her second marriage, she and her husband began to do tzuvah. One of the reasons was that the "yid inside" was awakened, but the other was the Rebbe.

"L's" new husband, "D", had a son born with a very severe deformity in one leg. He went to many doctors and the verdict was always the same~There was Nothing to be done, there was no treatment~meaning the child would most likely never have use of his leg. Not willing to give up, "D" was determined to try anything. Even though he was completely secular, he decided he must pay a visit to 770 and see the Rebbe.

When he arrived at 770 "D" wore no kippah, had not attended a shul, and had no mitvah observance at all~just the hope for something better for his son. There was (as always) long line ups. Without an appointment he was denied an audience. Not a shy guy, "D" was determined to present his case to the Rebbe no matter what. Eventually one of the men told him that the rebbe would be coming out a certain door and if he waited he just may be able to speak to him~And so it was. "D" muscled his way forward, boldly approached and put his dilemma to the Rebbe. Immediately the Rebbe wrote down the name of a doctor and clinic and told "D" to travel there with his son. The Rebbe said the clinic was experimenting with a new treatment for this very problem and if anyone could help it would be them.

Then the Rebbe told "D" that now, he must start on the path of Tzuvah, by beginning to do the Shabbos and Daily Mitzvot. The Rebbe gave him some instructions, telling him all things came through Gd. This was the true beginning of "D's" Tzuvah.

When "D" spoke to the doctor (who was not Jewish) he asked what the chances of success were. The doctor said 50-50~Half was the procedure they would perform, and rest was up to Gd. Upon hearing this, "D" knew at once that the Rebbe was showing him the right path to take~the path to the healing of his son, and to his own healing~Tzuvah. Thus "D" began~slowly, slowly~lighting Shabbat candles and learning to follow the Mitzvot as an observant Jew.

Of course, the Rebbe was right~the surgery was successful and the young man walks normally to this day. Together "D" and "L" gradually increased their observance, creating  a kosher home with true mitzvah observance. They made aliyah to Jerusalem, and became a shining light to all those around them. As "L" often tells me~"There are no coincidences in Life~Miracles Do Happen!"

That a man whose life was consumed with study and prayer would know at once of the latest advances and treatments in medicine (when other doctors did not) is a demonstration of the depth of knowledge the Rebbe possessed and shared. He made no criticisms of people, rather he showed them the path they could choose. The truth of his way is born out by countless numbers of stories from those people who encountered him.

The video below takes you to 770, to the Rebbe's office from which he worked, to the archives that contain everything of the Rebbe's life, with details and personal insights given in English. You will see people (including a younger Benjamin Netanyahu) streaming to receive a blessing and the "famous dollar" from the Rebbe. It is wonderful look into the life of a man who became a legend in his time.

The Rebbe reached out to everyone~He said "this would be the last generation of the exile and the first generation of geulah". May we all treat our fellow Jews with the same love and acceptance practiced by the Rebbe, and may we see the coming of Mashiach in our time...

*Note~There is a commercial in the middle (forward to 33:25) and another one at 49:50 (forward  to 57:20) where the story continues.

Even if You Don't Understand All~it is Worth Watching (Hebrew & English)

הרבי מחבד from bhol on Vimeo

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