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Auschwitz~The Blueprint of Genocide

Number of People That Could Be Killed Per Day...
This is not your "Typical Holocaust" film depicting the barbaric treatment meted out by the Germans during WWII.

Instead, what you will see is the results of painstaking research that systematically traces and details the actual process used to design and build the camps that murdered millions of people. The facts show that genocide was the direct intent, and that many were willing to "further the cause" for profit.

Using files newly-released (in 1994), that had been concealed by the KGB in Moscow and held in archives for nearly fifty years, the program exposes the events behind the planning and building of the Auschwitz concentration camp. You will see the plans, the figures, the letters that were involved in this massive genocidal undertaking.

Professor Gerald Fleming, a researcher into Nazi war crimes and architect Robert van Pelt, investigate these files and reveal evidence which shows how German civilian engineers and Bauhaus-trained architects deliberately colluded with the SS to plan the genocide.

A letter signed by a member of A.E.G., one of Germany's major Electric Companies, confirmed their complicity by stating:

"You will be able to kill and you will be able to burn simultaneously... " the tune of 4,756 persons per day. 

One of the companies, J.A. Topf & Sons made several million marks working for the nazis. They knew exactly what their crematoriums were being used for. Several of their personnel were tried, sentenced and jailed for their crimes, but later released as part of a general amnesty. One died in prison.

The investigators into these old files found that there were many, many more who collaborated or were willing to collaborate with the nazi killing machine. There is a beast that resides within human beings that cannot be understood by most, but must be recognized and suppressed. If we are unwilling to face this truth, we will be destined to suffer a repeat of the inhuman atrocities committed by the nazis.

Auschwitz~The Blueprint of Genocide

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