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Amir Benayoun Meets With Survivor of Hevron Massacre...

I have  written about and posted songs by Amir Benayoun before (See Links At Bottom of Post). He is well known for his soulful music, telling stories about Israelis and their many struggles. A prolific songwriter as well as a singer, Benayoun was awarded the Akum Prize (New Discovery), but chose to decline the award and donate it instead.

In 2011 he become a hit in Syria of all places with his album Zini. The Syrian opposition leaders, requested that he record three songs in Arabic~he did so and dedicated them to activists in the Syrian uprising.

When the brutal slaughter of the Fogel Family shook the country, Benayoun recorded a song with the Itamar childrens choir in remembrance.

Once again, he has released a new song to touch the hearts of all Israelis called, "Mother Look" (English translation is below Video) about the return to Hevron. According to Arutz 7, the song was heard by 85-year-old Shlomo Slonim Sole surviving son of Eliezer Dan and Hannah Slonim who were slain along with his brother and in the massacre. Shlomo was a one-year-old baby at the time and the injuries he suffered that day affect his life to this day. Shlomo wanted to meet Benayoun. They met in Shlomo's home in Raanana, where he told his story. An emotional Benayoun said: 
“Shlomo’s story gives a chilling meaning to this song. The story gives this terrible event a face and names that will be in my mind when I perform the song” 

 Mother Look by Amir Benayoun~עמיר בניון אמא תראי

“Mother, Look” (Translation):
Mother, look, so much time has gone by, I’ve returned to you
Mother, listen, my voice is hoarse on the mountaintop, I’ve returned to you
In your alleyways lie pieces of my life, and my fathers’ lives
Your signs point to me

The fathers, the four mothers
In your veins runs the history of our lives
Your signs, our mother
Always point to us
Mother, look, so much time has gone by, I’ve returned to you
Mother, look, I was delayed, but I have returned to you
Mother, don’t cry, we are here, your sons and daughters
I remembered who I was right away when I returned to you

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