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Do You Even Know the Meaning of the Word Apartheid??

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How to Defend the West From Islam and Survive ....

Dr. Mordechai Kedar is a well known expert on the middle east. He speaks in many countries in an effort to put the facts on the table and educate people on the complicated, culture in this area of the world.

The greatest mistake made is that the western, progressive countries assume that the middle-east mind "thinks" as we do, and in fact "wants" the same things as us. This could not be further from the truth. This is the real reason why we are dooming ourselves to subjugation at best and at worst~extinction~if we don't wake up!

Dramatic? Maybe~but it is the truth never the less. The sacrifice of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria will never bring peace. Why? Because we are dealing with people who do not want peace. Their entire reason for existence is to eliminate the state of Israel and the Jewish people. In their minds, this will pave the way for a world Caliphate or Ummah and complete domination by Islam of all non-muslims. To believe otherwise is self-deception.

Dr. Kedar is fluent in Arabic and intimately aware of the customs and ways in this part of the world. He reads the koran in Arabic~not an English translation~and he challenges Muslims in their own language, pointing out the facts that they so cleverly are trying to conceal from the world. 

Political correctness and concessions only achieve one thing~strengthening the idea that the west is weak and the time of Islam has come. Muslims never settle for peaceful co-existence because it is against everything they believe in. Dominate, conquer and possess is the only thing they understand. Violence is a way of life and death is embraced.

Please take the time to listen to the lectures below. Open your mind, and absorb the knowledge from a man who has devoted his life to the subject. Learn before it is too late.

Part 1~Islam's War on the West~Subjugation of Non-Muslims

Part 2~Understanding and Dealing With The Real Problems in The Middle East

Part 3~Questions and Answers~Listen Carefully

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Monday, 20 May 2013

The Real Apartheid in The Middle East

Please Watch Carefully~This is the Hidden Truth!

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An Open Letter to the Arab League~Dr. Mordechai Kedar

This is Long~But Should Be Read By Everyone! 

In addition to twenty-five years experience in the IDF Military Intelligence, Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Mordechai Kedar is a world expert on understanding the geo-political and military situation in the Middle East. Dr. Mordechai Kedar is an Israeli scholar of Arabic and Islam, a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University and the director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Islam (under formation), Bar Ilan University, Israel. He specializes in Islamic ideology and movements, the political discourse of Arab countries, the Arabic mass media, and the Syrian domestic arena. He is one of the leading international authorities on the political discourse of Arab countries, terrorism, the Arab Spring and Palestinian statehood, and has published many works. * He Knows What He Is Talking About!

To the Honorable Leaders of the Arab States,
We in Israel received with great pleasure your agreement to normalize relations with Israel on condition that we agree to the establishment of a Palestinian state and exchanges of territories between that state and Israel. The Palestinian state that you propose to establish in Judea and Samaria would be the second Palestinian state, since the first Palestinian state was established six years ago in the Gaza Strip, and you clearly recognize it as such in practice. How else can the state visits of the Emir of Qatar and the secretary of the Arab League in Gaza be understood? Now you propose the establishment of a second Palestinian state? Perhaps a third!! Because Jordan is also a state with a Palestinian majority. And all of these states were established~as you know~on land that the League of Nations had designated for a Jewish state at the San Remo Conference, in April of 1920. So why should we agree to exchange territories with any state or states that have been established or will be established on our land?

PA Land-Swap...
And if indeed a second Palestinian state will arise in Judea and Samaria (that which you call “the West Bank”) can you promise us that this state will not at some time in the future become another Hamas state? Do you not recall that Hamas won a clear majority of the seats in the Palestinian Legislative Council in January 2006? Did you not see how Hamas took control of the Gaza Strip with bombs, fire and kalashnikovs in June of 2007? Will you send a military force to get rid of Hamas after this terror organization also takes over~by means of elections or revolution~the new Palestinian state as well? Or perhaps you will leave us bleeding as a result of the problem that you have created?

We in Israel are very touched by the fact that you, as an Arab collective, not as individual states that have made a peace agreement with us, finally agree to accept us as an existing state in the Middle East. Indeed, it has taken you 65 years to understand that we are here, on the land of our fathers, that we have come back to stay in our land forever and ever until eternity. But why do you call to dis-plant Jerusalem, the historical capital of the Jewish people, from the Jewish state? Was Jerusalem ever a capital of something connected to the Arab world or Islam? Throughout all of history, did an Emir, Sultan Caliph or Arab or Islamic King rule in it even for one day? Do you not remember that since the Islamic conquest in 637, the capital of “Jund Filastin” (the region of Palestine) was called Ramallah? Then why has Jerusalem suddenly emerged as a candidate for capital of the second Palestinian state? Just because it is our capital?

Just To Remind You: Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria were under Jordanian occupation for 7000 days, from May of 1948 until June of 1967. You had 7000 golden opportunities to establish a Palestinian state on this territory with Jerusalem as its capital. Why didn’t you do it? Why did you think of it only after the Jewish people liberated the territory from the Jordanian occupation whose legality even you, the Arab League, never recognized? What did you know all those years about “the rights of the Palestinian people” that you don’t know today? And why is Israeli “occupation” worse than Jordanian occupation?

Just imagine that we had made a peace agreement with Asad’s Syria. Would the Saudi Arabian jihadists, followers of al-Qaida who want to eliminate Asad, honor the peace agreement that he signed with the Zionists? And what about the Palestinians in Jordan~if they will also rise up and overthrow the royal house that the British imported from Saudi Arabia, are you sure that they would honor the agreement that that royal house signed with us over the Palestinians’ objections? Are you willing to assure us that the Muslim Brotherhood, which has taken over Egypt, will always honor the peace agreement with Israel after all the years that they said that they would cancel it when they could? Just to remind you, Israel has had agreements of mutual recognition on different levels with Qatar, the United Emirates and Tunisia. Why did they cancel these agreements and close the Israeli diplomatic missions? Is this what your signature is worth?

And in general, why should we, the citizens of Israel, believe you? Is your promise worth anything? Does the Arab League indeed function as a relevant and effective body? In the covenant of the Arab League, which all of the Arab states have signed, there are articles that state principles of behavior among yourselves, but you behave in the totally opposite way!! Article 5 prohibits your states from using force against each other. Were there not wars between Egypt and Libya? Between Egypt and Sudan? Between Saudi Arabia and Yemen? Between Iraq and Kuwait? Between Syria and Iraq? And while we’re on the subject of Syria and Iraq, Article 6 of the League’s covenant states that if a foreign state attacks an Arab state, the League must take measures against this attacker. What did you do when your brother, Saddam Hussein, was attacked in 2003 by foreign states? Not only did you not help him but you joined the attackers!!! So can anyone trust you?

And when Syria occupied Lebanon what did you do? And in August 1976, when Syria slaughtered Palestinians in the Tel al-Za’atar refugee camp in Lebanon, what did you do? and when Kuwait eliminated many thousands of Palestinians after it was liberated from Iraqi occupation, what did you do to your Palestinian brothers? And what did you do in order to solve ~not perpetuate~the problem of your brothers, the “Palestinian refugees” since 1948? Why have you not allowed those “refugees”, who originally came to Israel from your countries before 1948, to return to their homes in your countries after they fled the wars that you started? And when Qadhaffi slaughtered 50,000 of his citizens, what did you do as an Arab collective besides calling on Europe to do your work for you, to rescue Arabs from the knife of the Arab butcher!!! When ‘Ali abdAlla Salah, the former dictator of Yemen, slaughtered his citizens what did you do? And during the past two years, while your brother Bashar Asad, has been slaughtering 80,000 of his citizens until today, where have you been? If this is the way you behave, allowing so very many thousands of Arabs, your brothers, to suffer and be killed in vain, only because they want to live the normative lifestyle of a human being, then why should we, citizens of Israel, think that you would care at all about us? Would you come to our aid if one of your countries decided to attack us?

The way you relate to one another is so terrible that we are not sure that we want anything to do with you. Can an Arab travel to another Arab state without a visa? How does any Arab state treat foreign workers who come from other Arab states? And why do the Egyptians kill Sudanese living in Egypt when they demonstrate against the humiliating way they are treated by their Egyptian brothers? And what did the Iraqis do to the Palestinians who were in Iraq until 2003? Did they not persecute them and chase them with knives into refugee camps of Rawishad on the Iraqi-Jordanian border and al-Kaaam on the border of Iraq and Syria? And why have Arab citizens of Lebanon been slaughtering Arab citizens of Syria for the past year? Only because the killers are Shiites and the victims are Sunnis? And why does Saudi Arabia send criminals to Syria in order to slaughter Assad’s soldiers, who only wanted to slaughter Syrian citizens? And why does the Sudanese government slaughter its citizens in Darfur? Is this any way for a nation that proposes peace to the citizens of Israel to behave? And what has the Arab League ever done in order to bring a little calm to the Arab nation? Why do people say that the Arab League is like a frozen body in a morgue, that no one has the courage to declare as dead?

And even if we assume that there will be peace between us and all of the Arab states, what will that give us? Will you be able to buy our products? Do you think that we will allow tourists from your countries to visit us freely? We tried this in the nineties, when hordes of tourists came from Jordan, and more than a hundred thousand of them “disappeared” into Israel. We have learned the lesson, and many years will pass until we’ll want to see your tourists in Israel again.

Husseine & Hitler "BFF"
But the most important thing is the fact that despite the terrible holocaust, in which the Palestinian Mufti~your brother, Hajj Amin al-Husseini~took an active part, and despite the wars and the terror between the wars that you have imposed upon us, we have established a democratic and developed country, and we have proven to the whole world that we need you, our dear neighbors, about as much as we need a headache. We have managed very well without you, and according to all the signs, we will continue to manage not at all poorly without you.

You have nothing to offer us besides the poverty, unemployment, corruption, backwardness, violence and neglect that characterizes your societies and countries. Believe us, nothing, absolutely nothing, makes us want to connect ourselves with you. Do you want peace with us? We’re willing~but what do you offer us in return? What will you give to us in exchange for our agreement to get into the same picture frame with you and to sit around the same table with you?

Peace with you will come only after we see that you really want peace. As long as you encourage and arm terror organizations who act against us, incite against us in your media, erase the state of Israel from the geography books in your schools and act against us in
international arenas, why should we believe that you indeed want peace? A peace agreement should be a recognition of actual peace in the field, for one important reason: when we see how you behave with yourselves, no one in Israel believes even one word of yours, because you have no idea what peace is. If you want peace with us, show us please that you have some concept of the term “peace”. Begin with making peace within your countries, continue with peace between your countries and then perhaps we will believe that you know what peace is.

And if anyone thinks that our requirement is absurd, because there will never be peace in the Arab world, this is the proof that we are right. There is a saying in Arabic “Faqd a-Shay la y’atiha”~“He who has nothing, cannot give to someone else.” How can a nation that has no notion of peace, give peace to others?

In conclusion, dear neighbors, we~citizens of Israel~want very much to live in Peace, in a region of peace where you and we enjoy it together. But we do not think that there is any point in signing an agreement with someone who today is here and tomorrow is in a grave, and his successors won’t honor his signature. When the Middle East becomes a region of peace, give us a call, perhaps we will join the peace that you will begin in the Middle East. until then please leave us alone.

Mordechai Kedar, and many, many more citizens of Israel.

More Proof of UNWRA Lies~And Corruption at the UN!

This is taken from Palestinian Media Watch (PMW). Please Go To Their Site and Educate Yourself!!

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Hold On To Your Shirt~You're Going to Be Blown Away!

Judge Jeanine Pirro Says What Everyone Knows~But is Afraid To Say...Amazing!

Oh My! This Will Drive the BDSers Up the Wall...

Guess What This Can Do...
An Israeli company just may have the answer to some of the world's energy problems. They have created a car battery that can power an electric vehicle (EV) for up to 1,000 miles before needing a recharge. Here is an overview taken from their web site:

Phinergy is a leading developer of breakthrough zero-emission, high energy-density systems based on metal-air energy technologies. The company’s primary focus is on aluminum-air and zinc-air batteries. Unlike conventional batteries that carry oxygen, these batteries freely breathe oxygen from the ambient air to release the energy contained in metals. Phinergy's technologies offer significant advantages including:
  • Ultra High energy density
  • Zero CO2 emissions
  • Fully recyclable materials
  • Safety
  • Competitive cost
The Company’s Aluminum-Air battery system has been successfully integrated into an electric vehicle resulting in more than three times the driving range of current EVs. Phinergy's technology provides energy solutions to a wide range of applications including:
  • Transportation
  • Stationary energy storage
  • Aerospace and defense
  • Consumer electronics
  • Chlorine production
So what does that mean in plain-speak? Well, a picture is worth a thousand words and a video~well, watch this and see for yourself... 

Oh, By the Way~It Seems They Already Have a Contract
 With a Global Automaker for “Production Volumes” Starting in 2017

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Why Do Liberals Insist on Glorifying this Vile Murderer??

I already know more than I want to about "Che". What I still can't understand is the the mindset of those who insist on glorifying him. 

He was a vile cold blooded murderer, and at the end of his life they claim was he was also a coward. According to those who met him, he never bathed and smelled so bad people could not stand to be near him. 

So Why Do We See T-Shirts, posters, flags and banners with his picture at every protest, every time? 

Has the world truly gone mad, or are people truly too lazy to actually go to a real library and read an encyclopedia? I say Library, because as any thinking person knows, the internet can provide you with whatever viewpoint you favour~when actual facts are needed one still has to refer to the old standard...meticulously researched "books". Still and all, even if one only refers to the internet, anyone who claims to be an honest, free thinker, would know that this is not a man to be admired and emulated, but to be reviled and assigned to the dust bin of history.

Lest anyone need reminding, this is his (racist, disgusting) opinion on people of colour...

We’re going to do for Negroes exactly what Negroes did for the revolution. 
By which I mean...Nothing.
The Negro is indolent and lazy; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink;
The European has a tradition of work and saving,
which has pursued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations.
The Negroes, those magnificent examples of the African race have maintained
their racial purity thanks to their lack of an affinity with bathing.
Given the prevailing lack of discipline, it would have been impossible
to use Congolese machine-gunners  to defend the base from air attack: 
they did not know how to handle their weapons and did not want to learn 
                                                                                     ...Che Guevara, Diaries

Apparently he also had homosexuals shot~go figure...

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Welcome Back Angel~We Missed You!

Over the years I have discovered many blogs that I like to visit on a regular basis. Sadly, for one reason or another some of the best ones decide to stop blogging~always a sad situation. 

One of my favorite bloggers has, in the past, suffered site attacks, computer breakdowns, and all the frustrations that they bring.

Today, however, I opened my email to good news! This sweet friend wrote to let us all know that she has taken her first steps to re-join the blogosphere.
I urge you all to visit Angel, over at Woman Honor Thyself to Welcome her back with a few words of encouragement. Please let her know that she has friends who missed her. We need more people like her to maintain a presence and keep writing~Her blog is always beautiful and always worth returning to. 

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The "New" Anti-Semitism...A Canadian-Israeli Production

This is the Documentary Synopsis from the Web:
The Keshet documentary is a Canadian-Israeli co-production presented by Israeli anchorman Ya'akov Eilon. The binational cooperation enabled Canadian journalists to interview people that Israelis would not have had access to, such as Alex Linder, the owner and operator of the viciously anti-Semitic, white supremacist Vanguard News Network.

The production is scheduled to be aired in a four-part series in Canada in beginning on 06 May 2013. So Far it is only available in Canada, but this may change after it has been aired.

The filmmakers document what they describe as "New Anti-Semitism" through the use of hidden cameras in conferences, demonstrations and behind the scenes of anti-Zionist meetings across the globe.

Filmmaker and director Martin Himel told The Jerusalem Post that the primary objective of the documentary is to present "Anti-Semitism in action", to allow viewers to feel what it means and to acknowledge that it exists.

"My goal was not so much to explain it [Anti-Semitism] or to describe how people suffer. For me it was more important to say: 
'Here is the new Anti-Semitism, take a look and see it for what it is'...

The director pointed to comparisons of Jews with Nazis and the use of terms such as "genocide," "extinction" and "extermination" when discussing Israel as examples of contemporary Anti-Semitism. He also cited claims that Jews control Hollywood, the banks and the media as examples.

He was keen, however, to point out the difference between being critical of Israel and being anti-Semitic, saying that the former conversely includes language such as "occupation," "annexation of territories" and "settlements." Himel also flagged lobbies such as Occupy AIPAC, which he charged with disguising Anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism. The documentary "pulls the pants down on people who say 'I'm anti-Zionist, not an anti-Semite,'" Himel told the Post

Anti-Semitism is "The Elephant In The Room" (English Subtitles)

Apostate from Islam in Germany Warns the West...

"Tolerance at the Expense of Truth is Total Stupidity..." (English Subtitles)

* Thanks to Vlad Tepes for posting this. You can read his full story HERE

* Story in German is HERE

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