Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Margaret Thatcher~The "Iron Lady" is Dead at 87...

Margaret Thatcher, the green grocers daughter who became Britain's first Lady Prime Minister died on Monday, 08 April 2013. She governed Britain from 1979 to 1990. Much can be said pro and con, but anyone who is honest would admit that she is head and shoulders above any PM since.

I look with disgust at news of the anarchists and union thugs dancing in the streets, calling her vile names and holding hatred parties. There are no words for this type of vermin.

Below are two clips that show two sides of the same person. The first is from her 1980 speech, "The Lady's Not for Turning" .The second is one that may not be remembered by most. She was a great fan of the British comedy Yes, Minister and convinced them to allow her to write a short skit and actually perform it with the two main characters...I love it!

Lady Margaret Thatcher was a great lady~Sadly today's politicians couldn't even shine her shoes, much less fill them...May She Rest in Peace.

Margaret Thatcher~The Lady's Not For Turning...

The Day Margaret Thatcher Proposed Banning Economists

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