Monday, 8 April 2013

Dr. M. Kedar on Syria, the Muslim Brotherhood and Israel

In addition to twenty-five years experience in the IDF Military Intelligence, Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Mordechai Kedar is a world expert on understanding the geo-political and military situation in the Middle East. He is one of the leading international authorities on the political discourse of Arab countries, terrorism, the Arab Spring and Palestinian statehood, and has published many works. Currently he is a lecturer at  Bar-Ilan University.

Fluent in Arabic and able to debate Muslims in their own language, Dr. Kedar has made several appearances on Al Jazeera. Most famously, perhaps, is when he boldly states the facts about Islam, Jerusalem and Israel, much to the dismay of the Al Jazeera interviewer! You can watch the clip at 28:28 (Dr. Kedar also explains how he came to be interviewed).

In this video he is speaking at the Sinai Indaba (South Africa) conference. His explanation  of the problems that are stirring up the Middle-East is especially valid today. He predicts exactly what is happening to date and identifies mistakes the west has made~and continues to make. Unless we learn to understand the mind-set of the people in this region, it will only get worse! Do Listen Carefully to what he has to say...

Dr. Mordechai Kedar at Sinai Indaba 2012

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