Thursday, 28 February 2013

Shushan Purim 2013~Karliner Rebbe Arrives...

It was a beautiful night for walking. A friend and I headed to Mea Shearim to see the Purim Celebrations. One of my favorite groups is Karlin-Stolin. The women are friendly and the atmosphere in the synagogue is very hospitable.

On this night, Karliners were preparing their outdoor area for the celebrations. When we arrived there were Hasidim already lining the benches, and the table for the Rebbe was being prepared with the large challot that will be handed out after the blessings. Of course, this is only for men, but many women stand in the area near the top of the stairs. As we were trying to snap pictures a group of men began pushing us back and one shouted "no pictures".

I happened to be trying to make a video so did not turn the phone off. Suddenly I was pushed and the Rebbe passed so close I could have touched him. If you watch the film you will see the blur as I was pushed aside, then you will see the Rebbe passing. The rest of the video is the Hasidim singing and clapping as the Rebbe takes his seat.

The Rebbe of Carlin Arrives for the Celebrations

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